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This weekend, as seen in a collage of instagram photos:

january weekend instagram for carole knits

All in all it was a terrific weekend that included lots of down time, 2 different Oscar nominated movies (The Martian and Room), and football. We shall speak no more of the footballs. Okay?

The weekend also included snow, but we were inside and warm by the woodstove. Finally, great weekend things not pictured: short ribs, knitting, reading, Racko, hanging with Hannah and her boyfriend, and lots of birds at the feeders.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Thought of you when it became clear the snow was making a run farther north. Hope it was enough to be cozy and pretty not burdensome. And, good game, well fought.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Carole. (As for the footballs, really . . . it doesn’t get much better than a game that comes down to the final seconds.) XO

  3. Poor birdies are trying to find something to eat under all that snow. Love your deviled eggs and sorry the phootballs did not fall in your favor.

  4. I think one of the best things about football is the food and it looks like you won (even if those guys on the field did not). Sounds like a great cozy weekend!

  5. That is a lovely collage! And those eggs…well you’ve outdone yourself! It was a good season…sorry about, well that.

  6. You did not mention snow–did you escape the Nor’easter? (It didn’t look like you did based on the first photo). Your game food looks delicious and eye catching as always. Hope to see your knitting soon.

  7. We were spared the snow. . Went to knit night on friday night. Went to dinner with old neighbors Saturday night. Surprise 65th for my sis in law yesterday. Busy and I got sock knitting done in between as well.

  8. Love the deviled eggs! How perfect! And, my heart is broken for Tom Brady and the Pats. However, onward and upward to next season, and may it be the best one yet!

  9. I know not of this ‘footballs’ of which you speak, we are up to eyes in cricket Down Under. But I’m totally stealing the eggs when our football season starts again!
    I loved The Martian, and am waiting to see Room, I’ve had a four day weekend, it’s Australia Day here. Celebrating the arrival of westerners, to a land happily inhabited for 40,000 years by indigenous people. It’s a public holiday that doesn’t sit well with me, but taking a days leave yesterday gave me some precious reading time and I watched Into The Woods in peace after a run.

  10. I’m broken-hearted about yesterday’s game, but still very proud of our guys given all the injuries they had this season. On a happier note, we went snow showing in Ninigret Pond (a large salt water pond that’s almost in our backyard). Beautiful blue sky, water views everywhere, and magical snowy landscapes – a perfect 10! Lots of knitting and reading this weekend…very relaxing while my Mr. Wonderful cleared the driveway and walkways with the snow blower! I’m such a lucky lady for a million and one reasons!

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