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Here’s what’s happening in my world right now:

yogurt and granola for carole knits

Reading: I finished Fatal Grace, the 2nd in the series by Louise Penny. I loved it! I wasn’t crazy about the first one but this one? So.good. I’m now just starting A God in Ruins which I have been waiting for since forever.

Knitting: Stopover, of course. Last night I got through the waist shaping and I’m working my way up.

Watching: Anything I want since we have now seen all of the Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees. Spotlight remains my favorite, with Room and Brooklyn following close behind. At the bottom of my list? The Revenant.

Eating: Homemade yogurt every morning. I add a scoop of granola, a dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. It’s so delicious! And it’s pictured above, by the way.

Planning: A vacation to New York City. Yes, these country bumpkins are headed for Times Square. Now taking any and all advice on what we simply must do while there.

Loving: Customer service from Homer Laughlin. We recently got all new Fiesta dishes and we love them. One of the dinner plates got a chip on the edge and when I called to inquire about their warranty program the awesome woman on the phone had me email her a picture of the chip. I had a new plate in less than a week, no questions asked.

Not loving: Shipping from Kohl’s. They are having a sale on Fiesta this week and I wanted to add a few pieces to our collection. Last night the large vegetable bowl I ordered arrived. It was wrapped in a thin layer of bubble wrap and then put into a large plastic mailing bag. No box. The thing was smashed to pieces. I’m supposedly getting a replacement but it’s a hassle that could have been avoided with some common sense people in the shipping department.

Enjoying: New morning routines that include shutting off the news and meditating and journaling instead. It makes for a much better start to my day.

Driving: The Mustang convertible. In January. And February. With the top down. Unbelievably, I have managed to get at least one top-down-drive every month since we bought her. I love it!

What’s happening in your world right now?



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  1. Ugh, Kohls customer service. Went a round on that after Christmas. It was less than stellar. TBH, the people were very nice it was the policies that were awful. Hope your Fiesta arrives safely.

  2. (Oh.Brother. That shipping story is just plain sad.) Starting the day with journaling and meditation is such a great way to begin! You can think of me, over here, doing the very same thing. XO

  3. You should go to Brimfield to pick up individual pieces of Fiesta. There is a vender there who goes to the sales at the factory. They are seconds but totally fine. We have all our Fiesta dishes from there.

  4. I would be laughing at the Kohl’s story if it wasn’t so sad. I’m still arguing with them about an order from Christmas; I ordered two pairs of jeans but only received one. I understand their skepticism about my claim, but I’m having trouble proving the negative.

    I think the 9/11 Memorial Museum is a moving and worthwhile destination in NYC. It’s sobering and thoughtful, and I found the museum far more extensive and interesting than I expected.

  5. I wonder if I’ll ever get to NYC. Enjoy your time there and make sure to tell me all about it. I am SO envious of your weather. It’s damn cold here…and gray. bleh

  6. Thank you for the book recommendation!

    And, Kohl’s – so much fail. The Fiesta factory is not far from Pittsburgh, I have not visited, but I have heard it is amazing!

    Also, crazy that you are enjoying a convertible in the dead of what is supposed to be winter!

    Just. Keep. Knitting! 🙂

  7. Kohls does not have the sharpest shipping department. They do, however, have great customer service which keeps me ordering from them. My hubby doesn’t watch the news either. He says it’s too depressing!

  8. Your breakfast photo looks good enough to eat! I have sworn off Kohl’s–too many so called discounts that are never honored.

  9. NYC! I’d say The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cathedral of St. John The Divine, The 9/11 Memorial (at night) and take a walk through Bergdorf’s if you happen to be near by. Then call me. 🙂 I’m heading to see Spotlight tonight!

  10. NYC: Walk the High Line. Eat at Cocoron. Eat at Rice to Riches. Visit the Tenement Museum. Shop at Purl Soho. Shop at Muji. Shop at Uniqlo. Visit the Tenement Museum again. Eat at Taim.

  11. Great plan on ditching the news in the morning; I did it a long time ago (my older boys were asking why parents would purposely starve their children in respond to a story they heard one morning) and never looked back.

    NYC: Pork belly sandwich at Num Pang; cupcakes at Sweet Revenge. You can walk them off on the High Line!

    Now about that homemade yogurt…it looks delicious! did you make it in your Instant Pot? Mine is coming from Amazon tomorrow (thanks in large part to your rave review), and I can’t wait to try it.

  12. Just returned from VK live last month in NYC. I recommend Knitty City. I always leave with some yarny goodness. School Products (Berta Karapeyton) is another great yarn stop. Central Park is a beautiful walk ( the south portion from Strawberry Fields down). Bella Vita Trattoria on W. 43rd is delicious! Also Juniors in Times Square (1515 Broadway) has great service and huge sandwiches.

  13. I lived in “the city” for two years during grad school back in the 1970s and spent most of my life in the Catskill region of NY. I’ve lived in IL for the past 10 years and miss hopping on a train for a day in NY. Some of my favorite places are Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s, St. John the Divine, The Cloisters, Met. Museum of Art, Central Park, & a trip on the Staten Island Ferry. I could go on & on! No matter what you do, you’ll have a great time.

  14. So sorry about your Kohl’s experience (it’s a WI company). I love shopping there, but I have never had to return anything nor ordered online so I cannot speak to their customer service.

    New York: Purl Soho (lower Manhattan), Knitty City (upper West Side). Both are don’t-miss, but you probably already knew that. Street performers in Battery Park — don’t know if they are out in February like they are in the summer. Eat some New Yawk style pizza (remember to fold it over and eat it out of hand), NY style cheesecake (yum!), and perhaps have a corned beef or pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli (205 E Houston) or, really, almost any deli in Manhattan.

    Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring $$$!

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