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I’m going to show you some pictures of my weekend. And you’re going to think, based on those pictures, that all I did all weekend was eat and drink. You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. But there were other things happening. Things like grocery shopping and getting a hair cut and color. Things like reading on the couch with Dale and knitting on Stopover. (The body is done and I’m on to the sleeves.) Things like watching the birds out the window and listening to music, including lots of Coldplay to get pumped for the Super Bowl half time show. Also things like meditating and journaling, playing Quiddler and Racko, and even shoveling snow.

But you wouldn’t know any of that by just looking at these photos.

friday night cocktails and snacks for carole knits

Friday night. We remain protective of our Friday evenings and keep them set aside as time for just the two of us. Dinner is usually cheese & crackers and some other snacks. The evening is often spent listening to music, playing cards, and dancing. I look forward to this night all week long.

fondue date night for carole knits_01

Saturday night. We had a Fondue Date Night with Jo-Ann and Shawn. I made the fondue with King crab legs and lots of cheese and garlic. We had Manhattans and veggies & dip and lots of laughs. And we played Racko.

egg rolls for carole knits

Sunday night. Super Bowl snacks included egg rolls made by Jo-Ann. They were fantastic. The game itself didn’t excite me too much but I loved that half time show, especially Coldplay. And that message at the end? Believe in Love. Perfect.

What did you do and – even more important – what did you eat and drink – this weekend?

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  1. There was football! Supported by giant muffuletta and chocolate stout. Jury is still out on the stout. Game turned out kinda ugly but a win. So, there’s that.

  2. I loved all the music from SB50 from Lady Gaga’s beautiful rendition of the national anthem to Cold Play! It was fantastic, even if the game was only so-so!

    Lots of good eats and drinks all weekend here too – especially the Blood Orange Old Fashions! So. Good!

  3. No special cocktails this weekend! 🙁 I did attend a bachelorette for a soon to be married 52 year old and had a couple of good meals out though. All of that food looks so good!

  4. Your weekend looks delicious, as always. Mine included a wonderful Italian dinner out and since Italian is always good, stuffed shells and wine in. Now I’m off to look at Laurie C’s hot chocolate and rum recipe!

  5. I watched about 2 seconds of the game, a few minutes into the 3rd quarter, to check the score! It’s the first time I haven’t watched the Super Bowl in I don’t even know how many years.

  6. Half time was the best (and only) part of Superbowl this year. Except for Lady Gaga; that woman can sing. And except for the singing sheep commercial. But where, oh where, was the heartrending Clydesdale commercial we have come to expect?

  7. We had friends over Friday and I made chicken fried steak. Saturday we lounged and had cheese, crackers, and pepperoni (and wine). Sunday was chili with homemade tortillas and the required chips, guac, queso. And wine…

  8. What a tasty weekend you had! Me, too … but my drink of choice (as usual) was wine. I can’t exactly say I watched the Super Bowl, but I did sit and knit through it. Thought the half-time show was great — and especially Beyonce’s new song. (You GO, Bey.)

  9. On Friday night, it was just me and Zoe for dinner–an extremely rare occurence. Since it was a snowy day. we decided to eat dinner in front of the fireplace. I accidentally made a mal that was completely orange and red: baked steelhead trout (orange) roasted sweet potatoes and beets (orange & red), fresh carrots (orange) sliced fresh strawberries (red) and raspberry sorbet for dessert. It was not planned! I didn’t notice till I sat down with t on my (orange) plate.
    Of course we observed Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Saturday morning. And that was about it for notable eating.

  10. There was lots of food and drink for my weekend and remembering a special person, my father in law. The Super Bowl while “good”, I figured Cam Newton would have done better. As a Falcons fan I get some amount of satisfaction that our team and the Broncos were the only 2 losses for regular season and post.

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