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Ten On Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and it’s Groundhog Day and in honor of the fabulous movie that goes along with this day Kym came up with what I think is a brilliant topic for us: 10 Moments/Events/Days In Your Life You’d Like To Repeat. I’m ready to go back in time and relive some of those glory days. Let’s sit back, relax, have some cheese and crackers and a cocktail and consider those days and times I’d like to repeat.

manhattans and cheese for carole knits

  1. My junior and senior years of college. Everyone always says it’s the best years of your life and, while I love my life now, I have to agree that college was the bomb. Seriously. If they hadn’t kicked me out at graduation I’d probably still be there.
  2. Summers when I was a kid. They stretched on forever, filled with long mornings watching Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy and even longer afternoons lazing in the backyard with a book. Heavenly.
  3. Hannah’s infancy. I was so overwhelmed and completely insecure about being a mom. I’d love to go back and relive it and just relax and enjoy it.
  4. Hannah at 6 months old. She was SO fun. Crawling around and communicating with sounds, sleeping through the night, nursing like a champ, and just a joy. I’d love to go back and see her little face light up the way it did each day when I  got home from work.
  5. A Saturday with my mom. Really, any given Saturday. We hung out, sometimes went to craft fairs and out to lunch, sometimes did craft projects at home or cooked something delicious. I’d love to go back and repeat an ordinary day with my mom.
  6. The summer my Nana tried to teach me to knit. She thought I’d knit left handed so she tried to teach me that way and it never took. As it turned out, I’m a left handed person who knits right handed. I wish I could go back to that summer and have my Nana try again and show me to knit the way she knit herself. I could have been a knitter for 44 years now instead of only 15.
  7. The day I married Dale. Another cliche but it was the happiest day of my life. That’s not to say we aren’t happy now, in fact I think we are happier now, nearly 19 years later. But. That day? So much joy and love with all of the people who mattered most to us in one room. It was beautiful and perfect in every single way.
  8. Our trips to Mexico. I can’t decide which was best, the first, when we went with Sharon and Al and everything was new, our second, when we went on our own for the first time and mostly just chilled, or our third, when we got a little adventurous and did new things but really found our groove. We aren’t planning on going this year as we’re saving for a bigger type of trip next year but I hope we will go back the following year because some of my favorite days are the ones I spent there with Dale.
  9. The first time I went camping with Dale. I was such an idiot and had no idea what I was doing. This was a pretty strange feeling for me and I remember being so completely cared for by Dale that I just let him teach me and show me and it was so nice for me, the person who was always in charge and in control, to let him take over.
  10. The day I got my Master’s Degree from URI. I did not originally want to go to the ceremony but my mom, who happened to be dying of cancer at the time, insisted. And who says no to a mom? And particularly a dying mom? Anyway. I went and I’m so glad. It was just about a month before Dale and I got married and he was there, of course, along with my parents and Hannah and they were all so proud of me and it felt great, not only to be done done done with grad school, but also to share that moment with my family. It was a completely different feeling than when I got my undergraduate degree and we all had a lovely lunch in Newport afterwards and it’s a day I’d love to repeat.

So there you have it – 10 great times of my life that I’d love to go back and experience again.

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  1. I really enjoyed writing for this prompt and after reading your post, I know I’m going to enjoy reading others’ just as much. We have several similar things on our lists, so I can really understand the memories they bring up, both good and bittersweet. Oh to really be able to go back! It just goes to show that being present now is so important.

  2. This prompt stirred so many great memories, a few tears, and lots of laughs. And, yes – replay all those kid moments. That would be so wonderfully perfect!

  3. Any motorcycle ride my dad ever took me on. . .

    And I’m a leftie who knits right-handed, too.

  4. what a wonderful idea for today’s topic! makes me think hard about the memories I’m creating with my family. thank you!

  5. 6. Got right to me. A left handed right handed knitter taught by my grandmother at 11. Drove her crazy for a while because I knit both directions and never had to,purl. But for pattern reading right handed quickly took over.

  6. Love your list and it’s full of moments in life we would, and we all do, cherish. My top three would be any time with my mom, the day I married Smith, and the day I opened my eyes and saw the florescent light in the ICU. 🙂

  7. I would love to revisit Dan’s infancy – as a relaxed soul. This was a great prompt. And lefties knitting righty…unite! 🙂

  8. Great list! I also learned to knit from my grandmother and I knit right handed even though I am a leftie too.

  9. Your list is just full of beautiful life-events, Carole. Good thing you can re-live them in your memories any time you want. XO
    (I wish I’d had time to join you all this week.)

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