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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Stopover KAL

Like the rest of the free world, errrr, knitting world, I cast on for a Stopover sweater on Monday. And I knit and knit and knit.

On Tuesday evening, while watching Bridge of Spies on DVD, I knit and knit and knit.

Here’s the current state of the sweater.

Yes, the needles are big. BUT. I’m knitting the XL, a size up so that I have a good 4″ of ease, and I’m also adding a couple of inches to the overall length so that it falls below my hip, therefore my progress? It’s good but it’s not good as compared to others.

Don’t believe me? Check out the instagram feed for #bangoutasweater.

It’s all good, though. It’s not a contest and I’m enjoying the process and I love the colors I chose.

I will persist.

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  1. To quote a comment from the MDK blog – “I don’t wanna work, just wanna bang out a sweater all day”

    I said to a girlfriend yesterday, I was pretty sure that 10.5’s are the new 3’s!

  2. Ooh, I was hoping for a Stopover update, and I think yours looks great. When I would compare myself to others, my grandmother would tell me to “water my own garden”. I’m not sure that helped at all, but knit your own Stopover and it will be wonderful!

  3. Beautiful! I’m going to add an extra inch at least. I’m so looking forward to the Super Bowl and some serious knitting time!

  4. I’m doing the same oversizing and extended length plan as you– definitely a longer knit than an xs cropped sweater! I was already knitting on mine- not much but some– before the KAL was announced and I didn’t put it on hold over the weekend–so it looks like I am on a tear but actually had a big running start.

    That said–keep going– I love the black! Is it hard to work on or doe sthe big fat needle help ? I keep thinking I want to do a 2nd one in black heather. (You know, so my dog’s white hairs stand out maximally).

  5. It looks great so far! Judy encouraged me to poke through the stash this weekend to see if I can find something that will work in my hand spun. Never thought of that – duh!! I just have to get the baby stuff done first.

  6. Ooo, ooo, ooo! I resisted, so I will be happy to observe your progress from afar. I’ve used LiteLopi before, but only for felted wizard hats; I want to know — does it itch?

  7. It will be worth it. Or that’s what I keep telling myself on my sweater. I channel Margene in my head … “it’s the process, it’s the process, it’s the freaking process”

  8. That looks great! What are your colors? (Looks like spring green at the bottom?) I had to start over because MY GAUGE SWATCH LIED. But I’m over that. Really.

    But it’s going pretty quickly, anyway. I’m not making mine longer, but I’m not making it shorter, either, which is what normally happens. This is a short sweater as written! Enjoy the knitting. I’m obsessed!

  9. I started with the sleeves (my usually strategy; because I hates the sleeves and it’s best to get them over with . . . while I still have my enthusiasm for the project) so it appears that I’m banging along really fast, but not really. Y’know? Love your colors!

  10. I was drawn to that sweater when it was first published because I’d just come back from Iceland. But Mary Jane told me there’s no shaping at the yoke. Curious to see how it fits.

  11. Whenever a Woman Of Substance like you or I knits a sweater it is a HUGE undertaking. (Wait, that sounded a lot less insulting in my head.) I love your colors!

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