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Lemmings Unite!

Yesterday we talked about knitting. And it was good. I’m glad I’m caught up on the meager knits of 2015, partly because I like having things all neat and tidy but also because it makes me feel like I can move on to the knits of 2016.

Up until this morning I was planning on dubbing this the year of the hand knit accessories. Mitts and mittens, little scarves and shawls, hats and boot toppers – that’s what I’ve been adding to my Ravelry queue. Lots of instant gratification in knitting that stuff and that’s what I need. Quick knits. Positive reinforcement.

And then.


I read this post. And I followed the link and read about this stupid sweater KAL. Please know that I say stupid with the utmost love.

I was intrigued. I haven’t knit a sweater since last year. And I’ve never knit a pullover for myself.

I remembered that Gale had talked about this the other day.

I opened up a browser window and started searching WEBS for good colors of Léttlopi. I really wanted black but that was sold out so I thought maybe black sheep with spring green and either white or grey.

I texted Kym and asked if she was going to be joining along. And she said maybe. We started discussing colors. Next thing I knew I had a text from Kym saying she had placed her order.

I called Dale and asked him to check my knitting needles for the sizes I needed. I placed my order with WEBS.

And I read this post.

And then I got an email from WEBS saying that the black sheep I ordered wasn’t actually available after all. So I called and switched my order to dark grey. But I wasn’t thrilled. And really, if I’m going to knit a sweater, for crying out loud, I need to be thrilled. I called WEBS back and asked if I could switch to black heather but they said my order was being processed and it was too late.


I did some more web searching and I saw that Halycon had the black I originally wanted in stock. I debated 2nd day or 3 day shipping, not sure if it was worth the extra money and also not sure which one would give me the best chance of getting the yarn by the start date.

I picked up the phone and called them, something unheard of for me to do. (I secretly hate the phone.) And the wonderful woman on the phone said I didn’t need to pay extra for shipping because she would go to the shelf right after we hung up and get it sent out today. And since it only has to go from Maine to MA she was sure I’d have it in time.

Looks like I’m going to Bang Out A Sweater.

Who is with me?



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  1. I’m happy! I’m knitting black as well. And if it doesn’t ship I’m going to drive to Northampton and pick it up! We’re going to have fun!

  2. My tendency to overthink things (or maybe “thoughtfully and carefully consider”?) may have saved me from this KAL. I spent much of yesterday afternoon considering cardiganizing Stopover, deciding on colors, and searching (unsuccessfully) for places that actually had the colors I wanted in stock before I decided to think about it for a day. I did look at Halcyon this morning, but if I’m honest with myself, I can’t even BangOut a cowl or fingerless mitts, so a sweater is really a reach for me. I won’t be jumping off the cliff with everyone else, but will be cheering all of you along with gusto!

  3. I could possibly not bang out a sweater if it was my job, and my work is very busy the next few months. I shall be banging pots in the cheering section. It does look fun.

  4. Of course I jumped in…no hesitation…even though I’m up to my eyeballs in “stuff!” I’ve joined a very small group of women who are committed to sewing Alabama Chanin projects for three very deserving women who desperately need some TLC in their lives. We’re waiting for the kits to arrive in a week or two! Why not just jump over the edge with knitting a sweater as well???!!! This is a crazy time for me to commit to anything more, but since we had plans to visit friends in western MA this weekend, we’ll now make an unplanned stop at WEBS! I’m still undecided about colors…natural sheep colors or more vibrant? Tomorrow will tell – I’m remaining neutral until then!

  5. Hahaha I love the process to get to YES I’M A GONNA KNIT IT. The amazing speed of knitting on these big needles really makes it more like an accessory knit.
    I love the idea of black as the main color.Even though I hate knitting in black. But now I want to knit a second one in black…….

  6. I so want to do this but have to sit this one out. I will do it when everyone is done. LOPESOYESSAYA

  7. Seriously? You had to post this the day before I am actually going to be at Halcyon? Thankfully the pattern doesn’t go up to my size so I’m safe! I’ll be cheering you all on though.

  8. Im so fascinated with the sweater KAL. I just pounded out a bulky for my sister so I’m going to pass and watch the rest of you

  9. I stopped by your blog today to distract me from this KAL!! I want to do this so bad but I haven’t knit a sweater (for a big person) in 15 years and…80 degrees this weekend in Texas!! Can’t imagine I’ll get to wear it anytime soon. I’m fighting this urge. Will see how I do next week when everyone has cast on.

  10. Well, I’m banging out a sweater, but not that one. I finished the knitting of Wenceslas by Fiona Ellis tonight. I hope to have it seamed and button band added before the weekend is over…..

  11. I’d be with you except I’m banging out a gin and tonic, and just got my shipment of Brooklyn Tweed for the Stillhouse Vest, and Coda. That being said- I am SOOOO tempted!

  12. Here’s the comment from Scrooge–no matter how wonderful a pullover is, it doesn’t get worn much. I have resolved to confine my sweater knitting to cardigans!

  13. No… No, no, no. I’m fully committed to the bohus turtleneck and I will not be distracted…

    I will not be swayed by your lovely knits. I hope.

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