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Ten On Tuesday

Yesterday was February 29th – an extra day this year. Did you make good use of it? I can’t say that I did anything unusual. It was a Monday and I went to work and came home and did my typical stuff. But it got me to thinking about extra time and how we so often wish for extra time. 24 hours over the course of an entire year isn’t much but what if we had an extra hour every day? What if our days were 25 hours long instead of 24? What would you do with an extra hour of time every day? Here are the 10 things I would do:

house finch for carole knits

  1. Read. I could just stop this right here but I need to follow the rules and come up with nine more things. Honestly, though, an extra hour of reading every day sounds heavenly.
  2. Meditate. Not for the entire hour but for maybe half of it.
  3. Knit, of course.
  4. Spin. I learned long draw this past weekend thanks to my friend Kelly, and I’d like some more time in every day so that I can practice.
  5. Sleep. This is a pipe dream, though, since thanks to my age and certain declining hormones I don’t sleep like I used to anyway.
  6. Learn to draw. I like to put little drawings in my journal pages but I’m not very good. If I had an extra hour in the day I could take an art class.
  7. Exercise. There could be no excuses about time if there were actually more time.
  8. Process photos. There just isn’t enough time in the day for this and because it’s not my real job it often gets put off.
  9. Listen. To Dale. To Hannah. To my colleagues. Sometimes I forgot to stop what I’m doing and just listen.
  10. Write. I’ve had ideas for short stories floating around in my head forever. It would be nice to have extra time to actually write.

I think just as telling as the things I put on this list are the things I did not – things like Facebook, Pinterest, watching TV, etc. My point is that if I had more time in the day I would spend that time doing things I love. So, really, why not do that anyway? I’m going to give it a shot.

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  1. Great minds do think alike! Your prompt and making my list led me to the same conclusion — why not make some extra time in my day by not wasting time and try doing more of the things on my list? I love #9, and #10 sounds intriguing. Let’s give it a shot!

  2. Finding an “extra hour” (or even an “extra” 15 minutes) is such a treat. I always think I should plan my days better — but, really, I need to pay attention to those “extra” minutes. Because they do add up! (And . . . take that art class. Just sayin.) XO

  3. The time I waste at the end of the day in front of the t.v. and scrolling FB could be so much more productive…but Carole…I’m tired! 🙂

  4. Your list is a great list of things to do and I’d love anyone of them. Yesterday was a special day for me as I had dinner with a dear friend from MA! It made the extra day all the more special.

  5. Loved the summary at the end of this list. You are so right, we probably all need to spend more time doing the things that are significant and cut down on the time suck activity that pretty much get us nowhere!

  6. I love the sentiment coming through in the comments about making better use of the 24 hours we have. let’s do it! (that said, a little bit of extra time to take a class and learn something new would be most welcome)

  7. I agree, I spend too much free time on the internet but that’s largely because I’m too tired to draw, spin, etc. I should really try to get up one hour earlier and put an hour’s worth of morning energy to good use.

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