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What’s Cooking?

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We’ve been eating some really good food lately and I thought I’d take a moment today to share some of it with you.

First up an appetizer that is so simple it doesn’t even have a recipe:

cucumber appetizers for carole knits

Sliced cucumber rounds topped with Boursin and sprinkled with parsley. It takes longer to clean the pastry applicator than it does to make these.

Next up, a perfect Easter appetizer:

carrot cheese ball for carole knits

Pimiento cheese in the shape of a carrot, topped with shredded cheddar and with some parsley stuck in the top. I saw it on Pinterest and totally nailed it.

And another simple appetizer:

asparagus appetizer for carole knits

Found over on Pioneer Woman, it’s simply puffed pastry, fontina cheese and fresh asparagus. I made it for Dale and I as a prototype on Friday and then made it again on Easter. Devoured by all.

Finally, our dinner from last Saturday night:

oven roasted fish and tomatoes for carole knits

Superb oven roasted cod with tomatoes. The recipe is here. I served it with fresh green beans and baked potatoes and it was colorful and delicious and I think this will be my new go-to fish recipe.

What have you been cooking lately?

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  1. My cooking has been uninspired lately — the usual ziti, lasagna, spaghetti, meatloaf, pork chops, etc. Tonight it’s just chicken, but now I’m also making that puff-pastry asparagus goodie. Thanks for sharing a great (easy) recipe!

  2. That fish looks fabulous! Your cheese carrot makes me giggle, it’s so cute! I wish you were my neighbor. I’d be a pest and show up every night about dinner time. 🙂

  3. Lately? I made lasagna for Easter since we have a ham disagreer in residence. (sigh) Symphony Brownies, a Paula Deen recipe that does not start with butter but couldn’t be easier or more decadent. A few varieties of scones to take to a friend who lost her husband and is having lots of company. Something she can pull out of the freezer and serve with coffee at any time of the day. Today is Buttermilk Cheese Biscuit day, which should be a holiday. Love your carrot from pimento cheese!

  4. We were eating a boring cheese and salami and crackers platter before Easter dinner when I saw your pimento carrot on Instagram. I am definitely making that next year!

  5. So glad you shared your roast cod recipe. I made roast cod a coupleof nights ago but mine involved butter and breadcrumbs. Delicious, but I wanted something quicker and healthier. This would do it!
    PS Love the puff pastry asparagus appetizer, that was my go-to for potlucks for a while, it always makes everyone happy.

  6. it all looks so colorful and fresh…I’m sure it was delicious, too. still on the boring kick of salads…and least it’s healthy if not very exciting – or photogenic 🙂

  7. Chicken, meatballs, veggie lasagna, fresh fruit salad… and Chocolate Guinness Cake!

    That carrot is adorable.

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