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Ten On Tuesday

We all have those moments when we are stressed or upset or worked up. Well. I have those moments and I’m just going to assume that you all do, too. So, today, for Ten On Tuesday, I want to know, what are 10 Things You Do To Calm Down? Here are mine:


  1. Meditate. I know I keep bringing this up over and over but I cannot overstate how the daily practice of meditating has changed my life for the good.
  2. Knit. Of course, one must be mindful of one’s tension when knitting while stressed.
  3. Bake. There’s something about combining ingredients and having a predictable result that helps me bring order back to my world when things are feeling out of my control
  4. Read. I can easily get so engrossed in a book that I forget all my troubles.
  5. Watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Getting caught up in the drama of those poor doctors is one of my guilty pleasures.
  6. Play 3s. All I have to think about is multiples of 3s. Yes, it’s addicting but it’s also very calming.
  7. Clean the house. Weird, right? But something about the negative energy motivates me to vacuum.
  8. Pull weeds. Pick a patch and get it done.
  9. Make a cup of tea. It’s a soothing ritual and a delicious treat all in one.
  10. Write. I definitely process my feelings through writing and I’ve found it helps to just put things down on paper.

Let’s hope we don’t need to utilize any of these techniques any time soon, right?

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  1. soothing rituals or getting something done are my favorite ways to calm down, too. hope they do the trick for you right now!

  2. I wish that feeling stressed motivated me to clean, but I will definitely have to give that one a try next time I’m upset. I bet a delicious cookie or two would also help!

  3. I think what Bonny and I might need is a stressed Carole at our house! Hahaha I love how similar our lists are… minus vacuuming that is!

  4. Baking works for me too I think it’s the constructive building of something good. It also is something that uses just enough of my brain to get it out of the worry rut, but let’s free association of possible solutions happen. Taking a walk outside also helps pull me out of my narrow focus on whatever and remember that there’s a lot of other life out in the world. Perspective, I guess.

  5. What a great prompt, Carole. I chuckled when I read this week’s prompt…I was already finishing up my post on how coloring books have been providing a lot of calm in recent weeks.

  6. Cleaning the house really does help alleviate stress . . . but it’s not on my list! (I’d rather go work out. . . ) I’m so glad you’ve discovered the power of meditation! I can’t imagine my life without it. 🙂

  7. I’ve taken to turning off the internet (the world at large) and just living my life without an audience. I’ve been doing that a lot lately (maybe stress, maybe the elections, maybe just too much of too much), but life feels more real, right now.

  8. Great list. I love to garden when I feel stressed. How can you feel bad among beautiful flowers.

  9. Great list! You said you hoped not to have to use these soon, but it seems that they a,, would be good things to do to keep stress at bay. Why wait until it’s upon you?

  10. I totally forgot about baking. It’s a great way to calm down. How could I have forgotten to include baking? 🙂

  11. We share a lot of de-stressors! Baking is definitely one of my top ones–I learned this weekend that kneading dough is very meditative, in fact!

  12. I need to do something physical…deep cleaning my house and organizing/decluttering, cleaning closets, etc. is my number 1 stress reliever- far beyond the daily dusting and vacuuming. Next comes digging and weeding in my garden (not a winter option for a New Englander!), baking bread (kneading dough works wonders!), and playing the piano. Thank goodness we’ve all learned how to decompress in constructive ways!

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