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My weekend wasn’t my typical weekend – I had to work on Saturday. I know, right? I still made the most of it, though. You’re shocked, I’m sure.

april weekend mosaic

Starting in the top left and working across and then down . . .

Friday night was our usual Friyay of cocktails and snacks. Cheese & crackers. Cucumbers topped with herb cheese. Roasted tomatoes with goat cheese. And a martini. Maybe two.

Saturday I got up bright and early so that I could meditate and journal before going to work. I’m focusing on this month’s One Little Word prompt and thinking to myself, every morning, about how I can shine as the day unfolds. One way to shine is to cleanse my face with some awesome products (hullo, Rodan and Fields) and put on some fabulous makeup from Sephora.

I was home by mid afternoon and we voted and then went shopping for a new refrigerator. Holy crap but there are a lot of options and things to consider these days. I think I’d rather buy a car – it would be simpler.

We rewarded ourselves and soothed our overwhelmed minds by ending the afternoon with drinks and dinner at a local restaurant we haven’t been to before. It came highly recommended by Dale’s boss and my friend Tom and we were not disappointed. Excellent Manhattans, fresh oysters and delicious fried seafood. I think we’ve found a new hang out.

On Sunday we started making lists for all of our upcoming home projects. There’s painting to be done and furniture to shift around. Light fixtures to update and outdoor work to complete. Let’s just say April vacation is going to be very different this year than it has in years past.

Finally, in that bottom right corner, I think it’s best if I just share with you what I said on Instagram when I posted that photo.

Carole: Let’s cover the bathroom vanity in concrete. What could go wrong?
Dale: I’m gonna need a beer for this.

I’ll keep you posted on this one.

How was your weekend?

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  1. We painted two of our downstairs rooms in a pale apricot color similar to that top chip. A psychiatrist friend told us that was appropriate because rooms in mental institutes are often painted that color for its calming and soothing feel. Here’s hoping you don’t need a psychiatrist after covering your vanity in concrete. I can’t wait to read and see the updates on this one!

  2. I will be excited to see the changes you make. We have been talking about things to do here also – I will be excited to see you projects unfold!

  3. We also have some big projects coming up (both at home and at our place up north). I’m really eager to see how that concrete works out. I’ve been thinking of trying it in a bathroom here that needs MAJOR re-freshening. 🙂

  4. For the moment, we are project free, but wait, the upstairs bathroom needs a makeover. Luckily, it’s not used as much as the others. No concrete until you reinforce the floor lol!

  5. We recently bought a refrigerator. I almost had a nervous breakdown before I could pick one out. And then still questioned my decision over and over. Then about freaked out when it was delivered – due to some issues – raining, had to take it through the back yard – take the porchlight off so it would fit by it. and then we had to take everything out of our refrigerator while they set it up. Didn’t realize they would do that – thought we could leave it in the old one (plugged in) and then transfer it over to the new one. Had to throw some stuff out as it was melted, etc by the time we got it in the new one!! arghh! I said the same thing to my husband – I’ve picked out cars easier and quicker than this refrigerator!

    Linda in VA

  6. I’m so curious about your cemented sink! Refrigerators are SO freaking expensive and, as you said, so many options (and sizes!). Good luck with the process. Home repairs are happening around here, too. Our master bath needs replacing and I’m having trouble finding any help on design ideas.

  7. reading about your weekend on a Tuesday evening. hoping you carried that same joie de vivre into the week. (and I’m waiting to see how that vanity project turns out 😉

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