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Right now I am . . .

grilled cheese and soup for carole knits

Eating: Grilled Cheese and Cream of Tomato Soup in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day. Okay, that was Tuesday but I needed a photo for this post and that’s my story.

Reading: Still Life With Breadcrumbs by Anna Quindlen. It’s fast and I may be done by the time you are reading this.

Listening: The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon. Creepy. Think I Know What You Did Last Summer meets The Grudge.

Discussing: Books with the library staff. You probably think that librarians talk about books all the time but we don’t, we talk about all kinds of things. Lately, though, we’ve been discussing the difference between different genres of fiction – literary fiction, romance, women’s fiction, etc. It’s been great fun.

Watching: Call the Midwife. I’m late to the party on this one, I know, but Dale and I are really enjoying this series.

Pinning: Doodles and paint colors and DIY projects.

Planning: My container gardens. I am itching to get out and plant stuff but it’s still too early here so instead I’m thinking about sweet potato vine and vinca and lobelia and coleus and all the other great foliage I love to plant in containers.

Wondering: If the vanity-concrete-thing is going to be good. I think it is but the jury is still out.

Wanting: To drive the Mustang with the top down. I hope it will happen this weekend!

Purchasing: That new fridge. I think we’ve made our decision.

Killing: Lots of mice. I’d suspected they were back and Dale set up a couple of traps under the kitchen sink Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday afternoon we had already gotten 5 of the little buggers. Meanwhile, Mason is relaxing on the couch.

Dreaming: Of Mexico. We’ve been there for April vacation for the last 3 years but we aren’t going this year (we are saving for a bigger trip next year) and I’m longing to see that turquoise water and feel those breezes and drink those margaritas.

That’s a pretty good summation of the things I’m thinking about and doing. What are you doing these days?



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  1. I am looking forward to several days of sunshine. Yes. SUNSHINE! Looking forward to getting out in it. 🙂

  2. Mason needs a talking to about those mouser duties! Meanwhile, I’d be a little concerned about dropping anything breakable on that concrete surface. But I can be a butterfingers some days.

  3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are great any day. I love Call the Midwife but have to watch it when John isn’t home because even hearing women in labor makes John feel faint. (No, he wasn’t much help when I was in the delivery room.)

  4. Love Call the Midwife! Have never tried cream of tomato soup. They regular tomato is too red for me to swallow. Weird, I know. Just moved all of our vegetables in containers to the big garden…just in time for a freak hail storm! They survived, but oh the leaf massacre! Maybe a post of Mexico pics with a margarita will give you that “Calgon” moment. Happy Thursday!

  5. We’re big fans of Call the Midwife, but haven’t had a chance to watch this season. The DVR is patiently holding them all. The rain is here so we’ll be stuck inside for a few days, as in, no gardening. That means bathroom planning (if we can find someone to do it).

  6. Call the Midwife is so lovely! And, mice – yuck. I don’t blame Mason for avoiding them! I am enjoying the sunshine and mild weather! Think walks and sitting outside!

  7. Be careful what you wish for–our cat Mikey (now gone) used to catch mice but leave them alive to play with! I hope you will post about your discussion of genres. Finally, I am off to the mountains for a knitting weekend. That’s good except for the four feet of snow predicted. Springtime in the Rockies!

  8. Love all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches (delicious variations on the theme on Pinterest!), love Call the Midwife (but am currently obsessed with House of Cards – we’re late to the party!), and I think you’ll be driving this weekend with the top down in your jazzy convertible! Have fun and let the sunshine warm your spirits!

  9. We are dealing with mice too. The little varmints – LOL! Our one cat would catch them and bring them upstairs to give us! I started closing my bedroom door at night – LOL! Our cat now will catch them if he can. I found a petrified one under the couch recently – such fun – NOT!
    I’m doing a re-read of Still Life with Breadcrumbs. Have tons of books going at all times. One I’m enjoying right now – The Nest. Also The One-In-A-Million-Boy.
    Wow! You made the fridge decision fast! It took me over two weeks!

    Linda in VA

  10. Took the car in for a minor repair today – turns out there was a mouse in the works.

  11. hope you have a topdown weekend – we’re supposed to have sunshine, but it’s going to be breezy. I guess that doesn’t matter if you’re in a car, though! I am almost done with Anna Quindlen’s latest…loving it – and so glad about that since I haven’t enjoyed a book of hers in years.

  12. Ha. We have three cats (at one time four) and an old house… We’ve caught many a mouse in traps, and I’ve yet to see one of the cats with one (in the house).

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