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Weekend in NH, Part 1

There’s a lot to be said for a weekend that is so good you need to write 3 posts to share it all. That’s what’s about to happen here, though, so just relax and read and reminisce with me.

flight at the moat for carole knits

We headed up to Kim’s on Friday when Dale got out of work. It was a bit of a tedious ride north but we got there in time to go to Kim and Ken’s usual Friday night spot, The Moat. Of course a flight of beer was in order for Dale. Add to that a Lemon Drop for Kim and a Manhattan for me and we forgot all about that long ride.

guest room amenities for carole knits

Kim and Ken have a lovely home and a very sweet guest room. Kim decorated it with flowers and stocked it with our favorite bourbon and some chocolates, too. Way to make us feel welcome!

kim and kens new shower for carole knits

On Saturday morning I got the privilege of being the very first person to take a shower in this newly finished bathroom. Ken worked so hard to get this finished and our approaching visit definitely put him under the gun. I’m glad to say that it is fabulous – beautiful and stylish and very swanky.

cathedral ledge

Once we had eaten a delicious breakfast we headed out for some adventures. We visited Cathedral Ledge and were amazed by the beautiful views all around.

childhood rental for carole knits

We also found, much to my distinct pleasure, the chalet my family rented one summer back in the early 70s. It’s not far from Kim and Ken’s house at all and I recognized it immediately. What a trip down memory lane that became for me!

bananagrams and snacks for carole knits

We spent the remainder of the afternoon soaking up the sun in Kim and Ken’s backyard, playing bananagrams, drinking tequila, and eating cheese and crackers. It was beautiful and warm and it felt absolutely great to be outside with friends, chatting and laughing.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about what we did Saturday evening.

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  1. ahhh… that all looks lovely. I know there was a Saturday night, but after all that good food and drink and being outside, I might’ve gone to bed early 😉

  2. This post has so many good things (beer, bourbon and well-appointed guest rooms, Cathedral Ledge, sun, snacks, and friends) that I can hardly imagine parts 2 and 3 — but I’m looking forward to them!

  3. Ah yes – a good drink will take away the stress for sure. That shower is amazing! What views. It’s so pretty in NH.

  4. You got your weekend off on the right foot! Hanging with friends is the best, especially when you have all the right stuff to eat and drink.

  5. Hotel Kim and Ken looks like a beautiful place! Well appointed rooms, luxurious bathrooms, good beverages, activities, and good company! Looks like a great start!

  6. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Kim’s new bathroom is worth the long wait to its completion. What a sweet memory the chalet evoked.

  7. Aww….we were SO happy to have you guys up. I look forward to the day when we live closer to you all!

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