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Weekend in NH, Part 2

When last we met I had caught you up to Saturday afternoon. Here comes the story of Saturday night – and the initial reason for this entire trip: we all went to Stone Mountain Arts Center to see Kathy Mattea. Woot!

Now. Dale and I have seen Kathy Mattea 4 times prior to this and have always had a wonderful time. This time, though? This time was the best one yet. The setting? Incredibly beautiful.

smac barn for carole knits

You know I’m a sucker for twinkle lights and this place had tons. And so much charm, too. We got there early and settled in with drinks to wait for the restaurant to open.

We wound up with a fabulous table right in front of the stage – which happens to be decorated with more twinkle lights and candles.

carole and dale at smac for carole knits

smac stage for carole knits

smac theater for carole knits

The rest of the restaurant is just as beautiful and the service was terrific – and fast!

cool pint glass for carole knits

I love this pint glass, there was definitely a tree theme going on all night.

smac and cheese for carole knits

And the food was wonderful. Kim and I had mac and cheese that was out of this world. Ken had an incredible looking salad and Dale had spaghetti and meatballs. All of our meals came with wonderful corn bread. And there was plenty of beer and wine, too.

Of course the highlight of the night was seeing Kathy Mattea and, as I said, the show was wonderful. She did all of our favorites and when she asked for requests from the audience Dale immediately shouted out Green Rolling Hills – and she did it, much to his delight.

dale and kathy mattea at smac for carole knits

We chatted with her afterwards and Dale posed for his photo with her as he always does. She’s kind and funny and beautiful and talented and I’m so glad we got to experience her music in this incredible venue with our dear friends.

Okay, one more post and then we’ll wrap this thing up – but you’ll have to wait until next week!

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  1. What a perfect night! (And love the plaid shirt, Dale!) For me, there is nothing better than live music in an intimate setting. (Twinkle lights just add to the charm.) XO

  2. Wow! The setting was perfect for good company, good food, and good entertainment. Add some good friends, and perfection!

  3. Wow! Now I can see why your weekend took three posts. This one alone looks like a beautiful and wonderful evening. Will Dale be using his photo with Kathy for your Christmas card this year? 😉

  4. That looks like a wonderful venue for some food and music! I’ve heard such great stuff about Kathy Mattea — I’ve got to give her a listen.

  5. Twinkle light make everything magical. We had a quick trip to NH a few years ago. Hope to get back there.

  6. Now you know why I love this place so! Dale was so cute with Kathy. It was such a great show and that guitar….that will be my post today..ha!

  7. what a wonderful evening to spark such a fun weekend! and Dale got to wear his favorite color 😉

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