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Weekend in NH, Part 3

Hi! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? I definitely did and I have lots to tell you about it! First, though, I need to finish my stories about last weekend. You know, the one we spent in NH. I realize it’s been over a week but I haven’t told you about Sunday. Like Saturday, we had a leisurely breakfast (French toast, if you want to know and Dale liked Kim’s better than mine. Whateverrrr). And then we decided to all drive south to Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton. It was halfway home for Dale and I and, as a bonus, Kim and Ken’s daughter works there. The plan was to visit the brewery and have lunch and then we would head south while Kim and Ken headed north.

It worked like a charm.

We hit the brewery first, scoring cards to sample 4 of their different available brews. And, of course, we took some pictures.

ken and dale finest kind for carole knits

Dale and Ken posed with the Finest Kind IPA board. You can see that Dale is, once again, sporting his favorite color.

dale and carole robust porter for carole knits

And Dale and I posed with the Robust Porter sign. I wish I had legs like that in real life! We then toured the brewery, learning all kinds of things about hops and malt and all that good stuff.  And then we went for lunch at Hayseed.

hayseed window for carole knits

It’s actually a farmhouse original to the property that they rehabbed and turned into a very cool restaurant. Lots of farm-to-table food options and lots and lots of beer. Our bartender was Courtney, Kim and Ken’s daughter, and she took very good care of us.

hayseed pickled eggs for carole knits

We sampled pickled eggs. And several different beers.

hayseed sheperds pie for carole knits

I had Shepherd’s Pie for lunch. Dale had a burger and I honestly don’t know what everyone else had but what I do know is that it was all terrific. Fresh and flavorful, reasonably priced and in a terrific atmosphere. It’s a great halfway point for us to meet up with Kim and Ken and I have a pretty good feeling we’ll be doing just that before long.

And thus concludes my tale of our weekend in NH. I hope you enjoyed the recap as much as we enjoyed our mini getaway!

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  1. Smuttynose sounds like a great place, especially with good friends. I so wish we had a lovely brewery nearby, but that just makes me better appreciate the excellent beer I’ll be tasting in Fort Collins in a few weeks. Now you can catch us up on last weekend!

  2. It is sweet to have a nice meeting place half-way between your home & dear friends. It seems to provide more frequent visits. The nice brewery is a lovely bonus.

  3. That restaurant looks like a new destination on my list! What a great time. And those eggs…so pretty!

  4. Carol, you look dahling….and how nice that the brewery accommodated Dale’s taste in clothes! The Shepard’s Pie looks wonderful. Ironic timing–I have been obsessing about Shepard’s Pie lately and am on the prowl for a good recipe!

  5. Smuttynose is on my summer to-do list. Now I can’t wait! Happy belated Mother’s Day Carole!

  6. Those are some of the best “picture-boards” I’ve ever seen! Just great! Looks like a GREAT weekend. XO

  7. Smuttynose looks like such a fun place! Love the pictures of all of you — too funny. Sounds like the four of you had a perfect weekend together!

  8. so Kym spent her Sunday at Church and you spent yours at Smuttynose. hummmmm…. looks like a lot of fun either way!

  9. I love that you took 3 days to blog about your trip up here, we loved having you guys!! You’ll have to come up this summer and do a lazy tubing trip down the river. A full day of sun on the river should be fun!
    (Ps…I may have to steal a photo of two for my blog today..I’m so bad with pictures lately)
    Mwah!! xoxo

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