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Ten On Tuesday

Mary came up with a great topic for this week’s Ten On Tuesday: 10 Ways to Help a New Mom. We all know one, I’m sure – in fact, my new neighbor is about to become a new mom – and I bet we can come up with some truly helpful ideas. Let’s go.

landon in basket close up for carole knits

  1. Drop off a meal. Something simply that can be reheated is my preference.
  2. Ask her what you can do to be helpful. And then do it.
  3. Offer to run errands. A trip to the drugstore or the grocery store so that she doesn’t have to take the baby out can be a lifesaver.
  4. Offer to take her to run errands. You drive and sit with the baby while she goes into the store because maybe she wants to pick out her own stuff but is overwhelmed at the prospect of handling a newborn while shopping.
  5. Help with the housework. Run around with a dust cloth or the vacuum cleaner so that she doesn’t have to do it.
  6. Bring flowers. Post partum blues are no joke (I had them, albeit briefly) and flowers can bring some cheer to anyone feeling down.
  7. Hold the baby. This one may be purely selfish on my part but it gives the mom a chance to take a shower or just relax for a few minutes.
  8. Don’t overstay your welcome. Seriously – get in there, do something useful, and get out.
  9. Bring her a care basket of things for herself. Some nice lotion or soap, maybe a super soft pair of socks or a magazine to flip through. She’s been inundated with gifts for the baby, no doubt, but could probably use something that’s just for her.
  10. Don’t be hurt if she says no, not right now. But then check again at another time.

Writing this list brought me right back to that time when Hannah was a newborn. I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what I was doing. My mom was such a help to me and I couldn’t have gotten through that time without her. Let’s hope that our lists give all of us the opportunity to make a new mom feel special.

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  1. When I was a young Mom I was part of a group at church that made sure anytime someone had a baby or was dealing with a difficult time, we would make a meal and bring it over. I used to make something as you say that was easily heated, such as beef stew and a nice dessert or something that could be put in the freezer.
    Nice list!

  2. Number 4 is great! I would personally prefer to pick out my own things, and I remember what an undertaking it felt like to take the baby out. I was number 10 myself for a while, but saying, “Not right now” was probably due to sleep deprivation.

  3. If you set up a meal train, get a cooler for their porch so people can drop off if there’s a sign out that a nap is in progress. Mom needs to nap while babe does.

    When I take food I always take something substantial that can be eaten with one hand while holding baby to go with the meal. Banana muffins, oatmeal cookies, homemade granola bars. People appreciate the meal, but always thank me for the additional snacks that tide them over.

  4. My list holds several of the same ideas. I really like your thought about not overstaying your welcome.

    New babies are so precious, but it also holds its share of adjustments and needs!

  5. I agree #4 is brilliant! I can tell that your new neighbor is going to be so happy she landed in your neighborhood!

  6. Excellent list. I, too, just remember being so, So, SO overwhelmed. I was awfully glad to have my mom to help out. XO

  7. Great list Carole! I especially like #4 and #8. Also, if the Mom is someone who has an older child or two, offer to take him/her/them for an afternoon. I agree, your new neighbor is going to feel like she landed in heaven!!

  8. thank you for hosting this topic – all of the ideas are wonderful! I look forward to doing all of these come October! xo.

  9. A great and practical list, new mom’s need their network of people who are truly helpful.

  10. And the winner is……drumroll……number 4! It has to be hard to have your life totally changed and doing your own shopping is a slice of normalcy!

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