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Ten On Tuesday

Newsflash – we have new neighbors! The house across the street from us was vacant for quite some time but this winter a friend of ours bought it and flipped it and a very nice young couple moved in over the weekend. I’ve been thinking of ways I can make them feel welcome and I decided to make it this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic. And so, here is my list of 10 Ways to Welcome Someone New to the Neighborhood.

front door for carole knits

  1. Wave! Seriously, just wave and smile. That’s actually what I did on Saturday and next thing I knew we were chatting.
  2. Bring them something sweet to eat. Bake cookies or brownies and share.
  3. Bring them a plant. This time of year it would be appropriate for something outside but a houseplant would also be thoughtful.
  4. Bring them flowers. Worried that they may not have a green thumb? A bouquet – from your own garden if you can – would certainly brighten up a new home.
  5. Bring them a candle. We have a local candle company and I think it’s great to not only support a local business but to also introduce our new neighbors to this great product that’s available in our town.
  6. Put together a bundle of take out menus from local restaurants. Our options are pretty limited but I know if I were knew somewhere I’d want to know which pizza place was best.
  7. Put together information on local stuff like trash and recycling pick up, library location and hours, town hall location and hours, etc.
  8. Write down your full name and phone number and give it to them. I know I don’t always catch names and having it written down would be helpful. Plus, phone numbers are so useful if you get in a jam and need to give a ringy dingy.
  9. Invite them over for a drink or a dinner. Moving is stressful and busy time but once they’ve settled in it’s a great time to have them over and sit down together and really get to know each other. Make sure you tell them that they don’t have to bring a thing.
  10. Wave, smile and say hello every time you see them. Let them know but this simple gesture that you are glad they are there.

What are your ideas for making someone feel welcome in a new neighborhood? I’m excited to try all of these on my new neighbors!

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  1. Great list and a timely topic for me also. Our lists are remarkably similar, but I bet that’s because the tried-and-true things really work. Smile and wave!

  2. When we used to live in a tighter knit community I would always welcome a new neighbor with a tray of some home made baked goods. Back then it used to be, you would return the plate with something on it, which made for a second meeting of a neighbor usually over a cup of coffee or tea. It was a nice tradition that seems to have been lost along the way with today’s busy lives.

  3. A list of all your favorite merchants and service providers. Moving can be tiring in that you have to relearn where to… everything. But I also love the idea of asking them over for drinks or dinner. Maybe drinks on your deck and if things are going well invite them to stay while you grill something simple? They might not have time to stay, but you’ve indicated you like them enough to spend more time with them. Hope they are good neighbors.

  4. I usually make a coffee cake to welcome new neighbors. I attach a note to it with our names and phone number. I loved it when we moved into the neighborhood and people took the time to drop off goodies or just to say hello and welcome to the neighborhood.

  5. I haven’t had a new neighbor in a decade (we’re a fairly stable neighborhood I guess), but if I did . . . I’d do all the things on your list! Moving is tough. Welcoming is easy. 🙂

  6. In addition to writing down your name and phone number, write down the names/numbers of their other near-by neighbors on a simple drawing of the neighborhood. I know two of my neighbors to speak to, but only wave at other (anonymous) neighbors after 12 years here. Fairly, some of them have moved in after me so it’s my fault. I just tend to stay at home unless nudged.

  7. Your #8 was at the top of my list! When I moved to IL, all of the neighbors stopped by and introduced themselves, but generally just with first names – “Bob and Carol” or “Ted and Alice”. I realized one evening that, if I needed to call someone, I didn’t have anyone’s phone numbers and no way of looking them up (even though I had a neighborhood directory) since I didn’t know last names. One neighbor gave me, in addition to homemade cookies, a slip of paper with her and her husband’s names, including last name, and their phone number. It’s something I still remember and appreciate almost 10 years later!

  8. Your list covered the bases really well. We have new next door neighbors (also a young couple) and while reading your post, realized that we did many of these things without thinking about it much. I love the idea of being intentional about reaching out to new neighbors.

  9. Your list seems spot on Carole. I would add a bottle of wine or champagne to welcome them. Nice gestures – all of them. Hope your new neighbors turn out to be enjoyable!

  10. How could I forget simply WAVING! this is a great list – your new neighbors are lucky to have you!

  11. These are great ideas, I’ve baked the brownies/cookies, and provided information about the area for those who were new to the surrounding area. You are so right- moving can be very stressful!

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