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Ten On Tuesday

Mother’s Day is coming right up and I’m thinking about (and missing, of course) my mom. So many of my memories of her are tied up with food and holidays, happy times around a big table or quiet times with just the two of us, but always with something delicious to eat. Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic fits right into those memories as I’m thinking about 10 Favorite Foods My Mom Used to Make.

carole and barbara winter 1966
my mom and I, winter 1966

  1. Fried chicken. Hands down, the best fried chicken of any I’ve ever had.
  2. Roast chicken. My favorite Sunday dinner.
  3. Lasagna. She was English but you’d never know it by her lasagna.
  4. Pie. Her pies were works of art and believe me when I tell you that mine pale in comparison.
  5. Pot roast and gravy. The ultimate comfort food.
  6. Greek lamb. Braised low and slow and served with stewed tomatoes, green beans and rice pilaf.
  7. Clam chowder. I never did learn her secret for making it so creamy and delicious.
  8. Potato salad. Mine is close. Not quite as good as hers. But close.
  9. Fried dough. This was an occasional Sunday night supper and it was fabulous. I used to poke a hole in mine and fill it with jam and it was just like a jelly donut.
  10. Meatloaf. She always served it with baked potato and carrots and always on Thursday nights because she had Brownies on Thursdays and she could make this ahead of time and have my brother put it in the oven so it would be ready when we got home. I got sick of it because we had it so regularly but I’d love the chance to have it again, I can tell you that.

What favorite foods did your mom make? If you’ve written a post for today please include your link below.

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  1. Another great prompt, Carole! What a delicious list you shared! Making (or almost making) Mom recipes is such a treat!

  2. I love the variety of delicious foods your mom made! I’ve never had fried dough, but your description is surely tempting. Even though you might think your pies and clam chowder aren’t quite as good as your mom’s, I’m willing to bet that Hannah, Dale, and the rest of your family are positive that you have the “showing love through good food” gene.

  3. I’d say . . . the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Your mom has certainly inspired your cooking and baking — a wonderful legacy. XO

  4. Okay, I am pretty sure today’s posts are going to make me very hungry! I’ll take a helping of this list please! Especially the clam chowder! Mmmmm!

  5. And of course – Barb’s scalloped potatoes – my favorite. My mouth waters just thinking about them!

  6. You are the queen of all good food! Seriously, your mom would be very proud of you, as you’re food would more than measure up to anything anyone else can make. Your list has many of my mom’s best dishes on it!

  7. There’s just something about pot roast that is so comforting. Your mom sounds like she was a great cook. And you followed right in her footsteps!

  8. You made that hard Mrs. Carole….I lived with my Grandmother, Mom and Step Mom…plus my mother in law treats me like a third child….I had to give a nod to all of them…and I’m so hungry now lol! Think I can get my mom to come to Florida from Louisiana 🙂

  9. I’m sure there is no doubt you are as good a cook as your Mom was! So many delicious things on your list! You’ve made me remember that my Mom would make fried dough once in a while – it was a treat!

  10. Ahhhh, another fun prompt and now I am sooooo hungry! My Mom was a fabulous cook and an excellent baker. Here are the things that first come to my mind:
    1. Home made bread – my Mom was always making bread (no bread machine, she used to stand at the counter kneading and kneading).
    2. Pies – always pastry from scratch and then home-made fillings: apple, rhubarb, pumpkin, lemon meringue, blueberry, etc.
    3. Cakes – any kind – always delicious.
    4. Corn chowder – with plenty of bacon.
    5. Macaroni & cheese (from scratch)
    6. Cheese soufflé (so light and airy – love it)
    7. Roast beef with home-made gravy, mashed potatoes, asparagus or green beans, baked winter squash. This is what I requested for my birthday almost every year.
    8. Swiss steak – with plenty of onions and tomatoes – always tender.
    9. Thanksgiving Dinner – turkey & stuffing & gravy, home-made rolls, potatoes, onion & pepper casserole, home-made cranberry relish, etc.
    10. Christmas cookies. Oh my!

    And a nod to my in-laws: my husband’s grandmother (Nanno) made the BEST fried chicken I have ever had. My mother-in-law made the BEST Brunswick Stew. And ham biscuits…and…..I need to stop now as I am just about drooling…..

  11. It is clear that the apple does not fall far from the tree–no wonder you are such a talented and innovative cook. My mom’s homemade bread was the best, along with the kraut brioches (an ethic tradition from Volga Deutsch community).

  12. Oh you made me smile as I read the special food your mom made! Reminds me of your talent as a cook! My mom passed A year and half ago. A trip to the card store this time of year can be a challenge. Instead I thought of the foods Mom was famous for, Sunday soup: chicken, beet, cabbage and barley, New England clam chowder. Chopped ham and pickle sandwich spread. Yummy! Potato salad, Mexican hat cookies, the list could go on! Thanks Carole!

  13. Foods you still (can) make me that I miss 😉 : American chop suey, pot roast, meat loaf, beef stew, chicken enchiladas, scalloped potatoes with ham, roasted potatoes with rosemary, macaroni salad, every pie ever and your chocolate cake mmmmm you are the best cook ever 🙂

  14. I love all the comfort food… and that you’ve continued the tradition with so many of your favorite family meals. My mother’s busy night meal was fish sticks, tater tots and mixed vegetables. I do still love the tater tots, but not the rest!

  15. Oooh, meatloaf. I’d forgotten about my mom’s meatloaf.

    Roast chicken is on my list, too. Seems to be a traditional Sunday dinner. 🙂

  16. Oh yeah, meatloaf! My mom didn’t like to cook very much, but she had some specialties… lasagna, split pea chowder, beef stew, honey & butter sandwiches, grape jelly & cream cheese sandwiches. Mmmm. Good thing it’s getting close to supper time.

  17. My mom is English too, I only remember the occasional Yorkshire pudding, but she and my stepmother were not exceptional cooks. My sisters in law and mother in law taught me the real art of eating and cooking

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