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Here’s what’s happening in my world. Right now.

Making: More watercolors with the waterlogue app. The one above was suggested by Bonny.

Wondering: How I’m going to get good book recommendations now that the Books on the Nightstand podcast is ending. I’ll certainly be relying on you all to keep me informed.

Reading: Dark Tide: The Great Molasses Flood of 1919. It’s for a square on my summer book bingo card that reads set in the place where you live. Boston is close enough for me and this book is actually quite interesting.

Listening: LaRose by Louise Erdrich. It’s sad, oh so very sad, but in a really soulful and satisfying way. Erdrich describes grief in one passage as knocking someone to his knees and that’s just what I mean – beautiful and lovely but heartbreaking.

Knitting: Socks. And the endless Zick Zack Scarf. And Algiers. I am not making much progress but that’s okay.

Enjoying: A new knitting group that just started at my local library. It’s great to get out for a little while with like minded individuals, especially when two of those individuals are Blogless Sharon and Jo-Ann. My only complaint (and it’s not really a complaint) is that our meetings are only scheduled for an hour. I’m just getting started and BAM! it’s time to go.

Anticipating: A vacation to somewhere new. We’re creatures of habit who love to go to the same places over and over but not this time. I’ll fill you in soon, I promise.

Celebrating: That I fixed that spreadsheet problem I mentioned on Tuesday. Hooray!

Despising: Passive aggressive people. Be gone with you!

Loving: My perennial garden. I’ve weeded (which I seldom due) and pulled invasive stuff and planted new stuff and it looks fresh and pretty.

Watching: Our vegetables grow. We have tiny tomato blossoms and itty bitty cucumbers!

What’s happening in your world these days?


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  1. Knitting endless baby blanket in an icky color and unsuccessfully fending off wild bunnies from the veggie garden. But the weather is gorgeous at last!

  2. Itty bitty cucumbers…color me jealous! Although I should be grateful that we have an eggplant. Full disclosure howeve, the plant arrived witht the itty bitty eggplant attached. We do have lots of tomato buds getting ready to become real blossoms, however. Can’t wait!

    Book recommendation: one of the most hauntingly beautifully heartbreaking book I’ve read in a long time was Nina Revoyr’s “Wingshooters.”

    And I plan on becoming a member of your knitting circle…yes.

  3. Lovely lantana! I’m also listening to LaRose and really dragging my feet on the last few chapters because I don’t think I want it to end.

  4. The lantana is beautiful! Reading (and LOVING) The Goldfinch and feeling a bit like Bonny – I really don’t want it to end. I am so enamored of Theo for 10,000,000 reasons. And, the writing – so brilliant. And, baby veggies are the most incredible things – a perfect miniature image of the adult version!

    I am making pickles today – radishes and cucumbers!

  5. I’m listening to Thunderstruck and I want to drive off the road most of the time. It’s for book group and I feel like it’s like watching grass grow. I am reading a Harlan Coban and 11/22/63 too so that’s helpful! Knitting…the TTLKAL. Cherry tomato plant has blooms…Boone will be so happy!

  6. I’m listening to Hamilton (the book, the soundtrack), but will soon need to find something new. Knitting the TTL Mystery. Trying to plan a vacation to someplace new, too; but when and where?? 😉

  7. Hi Carole, knitting socks and reading Seating Arrangements which is a good “summer” read. Next up is “My Reading Life” by Pat Conroy. I have a bunch on my kindle waiting list from my library (“Pax” and “The Little Paris Bookshop” are two that I can remember). And getting ready to leave on vacation this Sunday! Cannot wait!

  8. You are definitely a busy girl. You are so right about an hour knitting session–too short!

  9. I’ll be vacationing in my new bathroom (assuming it is ever finished). My plans for the summer are to relax, enjoy the warmth, and read, knit, read, knit, read, knit (and throw in drink here and there, too).

  10. I’m reading LaRose, too. (Just love Louise Erdrich.) I have never listened to the Books on the Nightstand podcast . . . and I still find LOTS of great books to read. (So I bet you will, too!) Bet your perennial garden looks fabulous. (Want to come weed some of my beds??? I’m having a devil of a time trying to keep up with my weeds this year.) Maybe you can talk your knitting group into extending the meeting time? Because an hour? Not enough! XO

  11. Reading and getting books in for my summer bingo, 3 squares down and almost ready to mark off a 4th! Getting settled into our new digs, and while I have lived in metro Atlanta all my life, figuring out this new city has me feeling like a fish out of water. What’s really great is that the Atlanta Knitter’s Guild, which I have wanted to join for so long, is 2 miles from where I live now! The distance was the problem. Lots and lots of other stuff that is blog worthy if I’d just take the time to do it!

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