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You know the only problem with weekending posts? Getting them written before the weekend is over. It just doesn’t work for me because often the best part of my weekend is Sunday. So, weekending stories, going forward, will post a bit later than my usual 6am post time.


I had a very excellent weekend.

sliders and cocktails for carole knits

Friday involved the usual, errands and grocery shopping. I was able to get some quality time knitting and reading on the deck. And the evening was spent out there as well. We had sliders and listened to music and played games. It’s my favorite way to end the work week.

saturday morning coffee for carole knits

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and I had coffee on the deck and caught up on my magazine reading. It clouded up by noon time, though, so a forced retreat inside was inevitable. It’s okay, though, because there was a big job we had to do: clean out the fridge to prepare for delivery of our new fridge.

new fridge for carole knits

That’s right! The long saga of our crappy fridge has finally come to an end with this new beauty. I love the bottom freezer and how bright the inside of this one is. You wouldn’t think a major appliance would make me this happy. And yet it does.

Dale had to work with the band Saturday evening so I headed over to Sean and Michael’s for cocktails, conversation, and sushi. I love that I can get from my house to their house in about 3 minutes! And I had a wonderful time even if there isn’t any photographic evidence.

island creek oysters for carole knits

anniversary lobsters for carole knits

On Sunday we spent the day together to celebrate (2 days early) our 19th wedding anniversary. We took a ride in the Mustang and picked up some oysters and lobsters and spent the better part of the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing. There was dancing in the kitchen and it was just a lovely way to end the weekend.

And now it’s Monday morning and the news is on and the stories about the Orlando night club shooting are horrifying and tragic. The irony of celebrating our love and time together in the midst of this heartache and tragedy is not lost on me. How many people have to die before our country does something to fix our gun problem? It’s a rhetorical question, I know, but I sure wish our elected officials would stand up to the NRA and do something.

Okay. Off my soapbox. Go forward and have a beautiful day. Be kind and love each other.

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  1. Happy Anniversary – what a delightful weekend! my mom lives near Orlando…it’s even more heartbreaking when it’s a “local” tragedy. xxoo.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! And, yes – when is really the question. Be kind and love each other is the best quote ever for today. Thank you for the tender reminder.

  3. Happy anniversary! Love is pretty much always the answer. Sometimes the problem is what we choose to love, almost never who. Yeah, dragging my soapbox off with me.

  4. I think it’s time we all stay on our soapboxes, actually.
    Your weekend looks like a lovely one. Summer is grand. And happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples! XO

  5. Happy Anniversary! I wish we could simply fill the hate-filled hearts out in the works with love. Something had to be done, I think everyone agrees on that … it’s getting everyone to agree on what that’s a problem.

  6. Your weekend was much better than mine. 😉 These massacres are mind boggling and what is even more mind boggling is our governments inability to outlaw assault weapons. Why in the world does anyone need one except for something like this? So much sadness right now.

  7. I want to stay on the soapbox too. People do not need assault rifles. The End. Can I ask you where you got those delicious looking slider rolls?

  8. It’s hard to have such happiness (Happy Anniversary and Happy New Refrigerator!) contrasted with so much sadness. Kym has a good point; it’s time for all of us to stay on our soapboxes.

  9. The Orlando shootings are tragic. That the mass shooter worked for a security company is frightening. Unfortunately, I don’t see any change coming.
    I agree with you on Sundays sometimes being the best day of the weekend, and I also love the completely fresh start I get with a new refrigerator before the crisper drawers have limp and half-dead veggies at the bottoms and before anything has spilled on the clean shelves. Your fridge probably never gets like that, though! 😉

  10. Happy Anniversary! What happened in Orlando is unbelievably sad. You are right, how many more have to die before our government does something about access to guns and assault weapons? 

  11. Your first line is one of the reasons I rarely get to a weekend post. So happy to hear you a lovely weekend and you celebrated your love. Love is the answer. We need to teach the world to love! xox

  12. Just another Happy Anniversary from me! You are Dale are such a great team and I see many more joyous years ahead.

    I am all in about the need to have some sensible restrictions on guns. We have lots of relatives who live in rural areas and have guns for recreation and for those who are farming, some more practical reasons. We have owned guns. However, neither see the need for anyone to own an assault rifle with high capacity clips! Of course, we are in the majority–go figure!

  13. I don’t know what it’s going to take. Kindness and love is a good place to start.
    Wishing you a wonderful anniversary week!!

  14. I totally get how a new appliance can make you happy. I felt the same way when we got our first new fridge, a side-by-side with ice and water in the door; heaven!

    A few days late, but something I am curious about: how did hamburgers become known as sliders? And is it only a special kind of burger? Around these parts, slider refer to White Castle hamburger but no others.

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