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It was a weekend of a different sorts around here because Dale was off at a Civil War reenactment. Never fear, though, I managed to have some fun without him.

Now. I love my alone time. I putter around the house. I read. (a lot). I work on projects and watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns and knit. It’s good. At night, though, it can get a little lonely. Knowing this about myself, I made plans for both Friday night and Saturday night and the weekend ended up being an absolutely perfect mix of alone time and friend time.

friday nights snacks for girls for carole knits

On Friday night, Jo-Ann came over and we hung out on my deck. We had snacks and martinis and laughed and caught up – just the two of us. It was pretty great.

sparkle run for carole knits

On Saturday morning Jo-Ann and I volunteered to sit at the Kiwanis table at the Sydney Craven 1st Annual 5K Tutu Run. I won’t go into the heartbreaking details about the death of this sweet little girl in my community (you can read more here, though) but I will say that her mama is an incredibly strong woman who is doing her level best to make sure Sydney is never forgotten and this fundraiser was a major undertaking and part of that process. I’ve never seen so much pink on our town common and it was pretty inspiring.

I spent Saturday afternoon on my own, hanging around the house. I read. I knit. I napped. It was awesome.

Saturday evening J0-Ann and I met up with Sean and Michael at a new-ish wine bar in the next town over. It was very small and also very good. We shared a charcuterie and cheese platter, a hummus platter (which included an amazeballs feta garlic dip type thing) and some turkey meatballs. Oh and also some wine. And prosecco. The music was good and the company even better.

hollyhocks watercolor for carole knits

Sunday I had the entire day to myself. It was fabulous. I had coffee on the deck and finished listening to LaRose. (totally fantastic book and you should go read it right now.) I went to the craft store and treated myself to some better paint brushes. I read some more. I did a little watercolor painting.

fathers day snacks for carole knits

And I picked up Jessica so that she’d be here when Dale got home from, as we love to call it, storming the castle. We had Sunday Night Snacks, which, now that Dale is off for the summer, are almost as relaxing as Friday Night Snacks. And we celebrated Father’s Day.

It was a great weekend and I hope yours was, too!

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  1. Delicious snacks, finishing LaRose (one of my favorites so far this year), and alone time sound like a perfect weekend to me, plus there is a new season of Grey’s Anatomy reruns on Netflix!

  2. What a great weekend! I’m putting LaRose into the queue for my next audio book. All of those snacks look so delicious!

  3. Your painting is so charming.You could do that on the front of a card (and write a letter inside). *hint,hint*
    When we spend time alone we must learn to deal with filling time. I usually have friends to meet up with, but this weekend everyone was busy. I’m glad it’s summer as I could fill my evenings with garden walks and sunsets.

  4. What a nice weekend. I love when I have some time all to myself. I’m on the wait list at the library for that book. I think there are 12 people in front of me. I may just have to get it on audible.

  5. You made the best of being “home alone”. I will add LaRose to my reading list. My book group just read Ove and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. That does sound like the perfect mix of alone and together time. (and I can’t wait til Marc retires so ALL our nights feel like Fridays, except better, because he won’t be so exhausted 🙂

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