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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

You guyssssz. I finished a hand knit. I know, right? I mean, it’s not really finished because it’s not blocked yet but the knitting is done and that feels like a small miracle these days.

zick zack scarf for carole knits

It’s the Zick Zack Scarf that I started wayyyyyy back in May and Monday, while staying cool and catching up on Game of Thrones and Outlander, I finally finally finished it. It’s colorful and soft and I think it’s going to be very wearable. Once it’s blocked and, you know, actually cold enough for a scarf. (I’m not rushing that, in case you weren’t sure.)

purple rain socks for carole knits

I’ve also gotten some knitting done on my current socks. Last Wednesday, when I attended that all day training thingy, I knit. A lot. Seriously, knitting was the only thing that kept me awake at times. I managed to finish one sock and start the other, which I then knit in the car on the way to NH and on the beach at Lake Winniepesaukee.

So. Knitting. It’s like a Christmas in July Miracle or something.

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  1. Zick Zack is lovely…but I get the idea it’s s long slog…well, like any scarf. Well done. Love it

  2. Zick Zack looks awesome! I think you absolutely get bonus points for completion – it is a slog! And, yes, I do not think we should be doing anything to usher in “woolen weather”!

  3. Would LOVE to know the yarns you used for both projects! Beautiful – both of ’em!

  4. I knit so infrequently it always feels like Christmas when I do and when I finish something? It’s like Mardi Gras! I Hope you get a lot of wearings out of your scarf. It’s beautiful and a feat of knitting accomplishment!

  5. Zick Zack is GORGEOUS and your socks aren’t too shabby either – lol. What yarn did you use for Zick Zack – love it. Congrats on a beautiful finish.

  6. I’m having some serious Zick Zack envy right now! I bought a kit for that scarf at Stitches Midwest last year and it’s still on the needles. I should put the bag it’s in next to my TV chair in the livingroom and work on it while I watch the news everyday—that would guarantee slow but steady progress. Anyhoo—Stitches Midwest 2016 is the weekend after next and I don’t think I’ll have this done!

    Your scarf is gorgeous—now you have a little something to look forward to this winter.

  7. Congrats on finishing the scarf; it looks great!

    And I like the sock yarn. I’m not usually a fan of the faux Fair Isle, but the colors are really pretty together and the pebbly bit is very unobtrusive.

  8. Bravo! ZockZack looks awesome, but a bit of a slog! I too am curious about the yarn you used, in any case, it’s lovely!

  9. Scarf or cowl? A zigzag is easy to turn into a cowl if you are so inclined.

  10. Love the purple striped yarn! And I just saw Kym’s Zick Zack; a light clicked on in my brain and I realized that is the exact thing for 500 yd of handspun I acquired last year. Paired with a solid, I think, to highlight the handspun. There will some left over — what to do with that…

  11. I’ve been knitting along on a ZickZack of my own. I love it. It’s tedious, for sure. But pretty much all I can handle at the moment. XO

  12. Zick Zack looks wonderful. Mine is still on the needles. It was supposed to be my “summer knitting”. Not so much.

  13. Your zick zack looks wonderful, even with the slog! And count me among those coveting and wondering what that purple sock yarn is. 🙂

  14. you’re making me want to get those socks out of hibernation! cannot wait to see the scarf blocked (because a photo of that is probably as close as I’ll ever come to seeing one done 🙂

  15. ZickZack is beautiful! I have one on the needles and it doesn’t seem like it will ever be done. THen again, if I worked on it more… it might get further along!

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