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Here’s what’s happening around here, right now.

tomato harvest for carole knits

Knitting: Socks. But we talked about that yesterday.

Reading: Books Can Be Deceiving. It’s for Summer Book Bingo, a light and fun cozy mystery.

Achieving: Bingos! I’ve got a bunch now.

Missing: Outlander. What a fabulous ending to season 2, though.

Marveling: That my house that looks the same as I left it in the morning when I get home from work. (Dale has been away at Boy Scout camp.)

Journaling: Pretty much every day and often with art. So much fun.

Photographing: Families. A small one on Tuesday and a very big one coming up this weekend.

Anticipating: The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. November 25th. Woo hoo!

Picking: Tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Yay!

Playing: Pokemon GO. Yep.

What’s happening in your world?



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  1. Knitting -yes, socks too. Naturally, I’m doing two self striping yarn socks. They’re for Christmas so I’m limited as to when I can knit them…

    Listening – to the Harry Potter Series on my way to the office, mixed in with Chernow’s “Hamilton”

    Anticipating – red tomatoes! You’ve got me jealous over here! Well done!

    Marveling – at the wonder that is this little hummingbird who came visiting yesterday for a shower. I’m going to try to lure him back tonight

    Playing – Pokemon Go! We will have to go together to a few Pokestops. The War Memorial Park over in WBridgewater has like 4 and someone always throws a lure on them. Plus Pleasant Meadows has one.


  2. Thinking…I should do a blog post. 🙂 And the Gilmore Girls…Is it starting at Season 1? I’ve never watched it but everyone seems to have loved it.

  3. Playing- Pokémon Go I the library and town hall gazebo are stops/gym ( I assume you are quite aware). Then along the same road the Frosty Dog is a stop. Plympton’s library, fire station, church and cemetery are all Pokémon stops 😉

    Reading: Siracusa Delia Ephron

  4. Finishing up projects, enjoying veggies from friends gardens, wish our technology change over happened after Outlander [I’ve read all the books, but I love looking at the costumes!], reading, and getting a young man ready for graduate school.

  5. Tomatoes, basil and cucumbers . . . nothing better with a splash of balsamic glaze. That is the ideal summer cooler!

  6. Knitting: Mick Jagged. Also this a.m. ripped out socks I had started…decided I don’t like the yarn. New yarn from stash already chosen.
    Reading: The Atomic Weight of Love. I’m really enjoying this one.
    Achieving: Weight loss – YAY!!!.
    Marveling: How big the slugs are on my patio at night – yuck!
    Anticipating: Season 4 of A Place to Call Home – excellent series.
    Picking: A few tomatoes, onions and kale (of all things – why it has held up in this heat I have no idea).

  7. I’m working on a second and third bingo, both of which should happen soon. Fixing a toe on a sock and wishing my TTLM would grow (faster). I’ve never seen the Gilmore Girls so I hope to watch a few episodes this winter. Our garden is not happy this year. I picked 2 tomatoes but this could be the year we get very few!

  8. HA! I have that book in my kindle queue. Did I read about here, or was in on BookBub?

  9. what a lovely crop of tomatoes! and Gilmore Girls, I cannot wait – Sara says she might even have to visit for Thanksgiving so we can watch it together!!

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