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I took my own advice this weekend and I took a bunch of photos of things I love. I think they are pretty representative of how I spent my weekend, too.

bentley for carole knits

We started on Thursday with dinner on the deck with Jo-Ann and Sean, along with Sean’s dogs, Bentley (pictured above) and Dasher. We were eventually joined by Michael and Dale and we had a good old time laughing and hanging out, eating sushi and drinking wine.

watercolor feather for carole knits

On Friday I did a little more art journaling. I’m learning and it’s not perfect but it’s so much fun.

art experience for carole knits

And then, since it was a rainy day, I persuaded Dale to take me to Art Experience. What a great spot – I wanted to buy all.the.things but I restrained myself and came away with just a few more brushes, some markers and some watercolor paper.

homegrown caprese for carole knits

Friday evening found us on the deck and our snacks were of the homegrown variety. Tomato and basil from my garden, above, with locally sourced mozzarella.

homegrown jalapeno poppers for carole knits

And jalapeno poppers made from our homegrown jalapenos. So delicious!

manhattan for carole knits

Saturday was spent reading – a lot – and then in the evening we went to the 60th birthday party of a good friend. He’s a peach of a guy and we were so happy to celebrate with him.

carole and beth for carole knits

On Sunday morning I had the privilege of taking family photos for my friend Beth. It was a big bunch – 17 adults!! – but it was fun posing everyone, even if it was a bit like herding cats.

horseneck beach july 2016 for carole knits

We spent Sunday afternoon at Horseneck Beach with our friends Tom and Anne, who are camping there. While the reports all around us were of rain we had sunshine and blue skies and warm ocean water.

It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

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  1. It’s always nice when you beat the odds with the weather! 🙂 Looks like an amazing weekend, Carole! (That art supply shop looks more dangerous than a yarn shop. . .)

  2. I think we should bottle this weekend – it was the perfect – weather, good food, good friends (both 2-legged and 4-legged!) We can open it in January or February and soothe our frigid selves! XO

  3. The tomatoes with basil and mozzarella made my mouth water! Definatelly need to go to a farm stand and try to get some good tomatoes. Actually, all of your weekend looked delicious!

  4. Art Journaling does not ever require perfection. You create perfection with weekends like this which look fabulous and lovely!!

  5. what a beautiful (and long!) weekend!! I love that photo of Bentley and your journal. Hard to photograph and maybe hard to share, so that makes them special 🙂 also – is your stemless martini glass from Crate & Barrel? I have one (Katie/Sara college leftover?) and it looks just like that and I need to find at least three more…

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