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Cape Cod Vacation 2016, Another Update

I think it’s high time for me to share some more photos and memories of our vacation, don’t you? When last we met we were beaching, eating, and drinking. And well, frankly, not much has changed and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Here’s a play-by-play or our day-to-day activities.


beach sock knitting for carole knits

Beach knitting. I’ve been knitting these socks for-ev-er but they are finally getting close to being finished.

burratta and tomato for carole knits

Burrata with our homegrown tomatoes and basil. So delicious and the perfect appetizer for . . .

lobster for carole knits

Lobster! We had a lobster feast with Kim and her family. Messy and delicious and the perfect summer evening meal.

carole hannah mashpee selfie for carole knits

Hannah, Jess, Eryk and Patrick arrived!

myoneandyannone for carole knits

We attended a beautiful wedding. My friend Tracy’s son got married (conveniently) on Cape Cod and it was a gorgeous affair. The bride and groom sailed out on this boat for photos. It doesn’t get more scenic than that.

sunday night snacks for carole knits

Snacks and cocktails.

quiddler for carole knits

And games. Our favorite is still Quiddler but we also love playing Bananagrams and Pass the Pigs and Phase 10.

dale fried dough for carole knits

Fried dough for breakfast thanks to Chef Dale.

kitchen table knitting for carole knits

And knitting at the kitchen table. Yes, I have actually worked on the shawl I started back in May.

association beach for carole knits

The flies at the main beach were brutal so I took myself to the associastion beach at the end of our road. It was peaceful (I was the only one there!) and lovely and I read the afternoon away.

dale snorkeling for carole knits

Dale snorkeled. He loves to float along and look for sea creatures.

dale and carole mashpee 2016 for carole knits

We had dinner out with the kids. This is us toasting Kym and Tom from across the miles for their 35th wedding anniversary.


sprout farm sunflowers for carole knits

A visit to a local farm stand for fresh corn. It’s a beautiful spot.

abita strawberry on the beach for carole knits

An afternoon at the beach. Abita Strawberry Lager made it extra special.

muscle dale beach for carole knits

I call this one, stand back, girls, he’s all mine.

more snacks for carole knits

And evening snacks. This was followed by steaks on the grill accompanied by corn on the cob and baked potatoes. It’s almost as classic as lobster.

doreen and carole hyannis for carole knits

A day of shopping in Hyannis accompanied by my dear friend Doreen.

raw bar lobster roll number 2 for carole knits

And it culminated with dinner at the Raw Bar for lobster roll number 2.

dale singing bobs cafe for carole knits

And Dale singing a couple of songs with the local talent. So fun!

The week is slipping away from us but I’m going to hold on to these last days with all my might!

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  1. That fried dough picture?! That might require additional explanation at some point. Otherwise, my envy continues unabated. Enjoy!

  2. I’m not sure how you have room for lobster and steak after so many delicious appetizers! I’m not familiar with fried dough, but after I looked it up and realized that it’s called elephant ears in this area, I completely understand the appeal. Enjoy it all!

  3. All of this fun, food, and frolic has me turning totally green (as opposed to being beautifully tan). The bridal couple looked like movie stars–just sayin!

  4. My inlaws love to play Quiddler-such a fun game. I soo love that “arial” photo of your snacks. Looks like a lovely vacation.

  5. So much fun and good eats and fabulous weather! Looks like your vacation has been awesome Carole! Good luck to you and Dale on re-entry – lol.

  6. wow! what a wonderful time y’all had… thank you for sharing so many details about the food and drink, beach, sun and FUN so I could enjoy it all vicariously!

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