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Cape Cod Vacation 2016, The Rest of the Story

I have some photos of our last few days of vacation to show you today. I hope it’s not getting boring, this same old food, drink and beach thing . . .


mason thursday for carole knits

Oh, here we go. Not food or drink or beach but Mason. He loves our vacation house and makes himself right at home. We’re so lucky to be able to bring him with us.

family swimming for carole knits

We had a beautiful afternoon at the beach on Thursday. As I was watching Dale, Jess and Hannah in the water I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to go in myself. I finally decided, hell, there’s only so many swims left this summer, get on in there. And I did and it was wonderful.

beach thursday afternoon for carole knits

I never get tired of this sky.

thursday night sunset for carole knits

Or this one.


mason couch friday for carole knits

Oooh, look. It’s Mason again. As you can see, he’s fairly comfortable.

friday afternoon knitting for carole knits

No beach photos today but we did go for a while and it was fantastic. Not as breezy as it had been and the water was beautiful. Truly, the water was fabulous for the entire two weeks. Anyway. We came back and I knit for a while. With wine, of course. I’m making progress on that shawl.

oysters for carole knits

We treated ourselves to oysters that night. Dale has learned to shuck them and we tried Wellfleet Oysters for the first time and they were fabulous. Really really good. The martini wasn’t bad either.

phase 10 for carole knits

We ended our evening with Phase 10. I love those nights where we listen to music and play a game and just enjoy being together. No TV is the key.


saturday beach for carole knits

Saturday was another glorious beach day. We made the most of the afternoon there, swimming and reading and people-watching.

saturday night snacks for carole knits

In the evening I cleaned out the fridge for some snacks. Luckily there were good things left and we had a nice time snacking and chatting. We played Bananagrams until it got too dark to see out there!


sunday beach for carole knits

On Sunday morning I was able to sneak away to the beach for a bit. I did my chores early and Dale drove me down for a luxurious 90 minutes while he packed. Yes, I know I’m lucky.

welcome home basket for carole knits

We headed for home at 2:30 and hit practically no traffic. Hooray! We were greeted by a fabulous welcome home basket from Sean, complete with wine and a salad and fabulous tomato tart.

unwinding with wine for carole knits

After Dale headed off to sing with the band I had a shower and some of that salad and tomato tart along with a glass of wine in one of my new fish wineglasses. I started to feel human again after the hustle and bustle of unpacking and then I sat down to write this post for you all.

Looking back I can say that this, our 10th time renting this house, was one of our best times yet. Thanks for allowing me to share it with you!

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  1. I feel like I’m dying of jealousy.

    And one more thing: where did you get those wonderful fish glasses?

  2. I LOVE the fish glasses!

    You are so lucky to get to take your kitty along, and it’s great that he enjoys it.

    This looks like such a lovely vacation. It would be hard to leave I imagine …

  3. Vacation Mason is so awesome! I love it!!! And, I agree – vacationing with the furry family is so incredible. We are heading to Michigan in September (I can’t wait) and Sherman will be with us. It is just not as much fun without them! (And, your photos are always so beautiful Carole!)

    PS those fish glasses…to die for! XO

  4. I’m so glad you can bring Mason with you! I am relaxed just reading your post. What a lovely vacation! Oh – and I love the wine glasses 🙂

  5. Mason is Gorgeous! Nice that he travels well and adjusts…I’m thinking Tyg, our cat, would not. Beautiful pictures as always and love the fish glasses. Glad you are back safely, missed your posts while you were away, but enjoyed the pleasure of being with you vicariously.

  6. So glad you had a great vacation. Thank you soooo much for sharing. Seems like forever since my husband and I have spent some leisure time at the beach and it soothes my soul to get a glimpse of yours. Now, happy autumn!

  7. Welcome back! So glad Mason was able to join you all on your vacation. He’s one handsome dude! Looks like you had a relaxing time at the Cape. I love those awesome snack plates you put together. Yum! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  8. Having a regular home away from home makes vacations so much more enjoyable. Sounds like a truly relaxing time filled with lots of good stuff.

  9. No one it gets boring around here. The view is spectacular enough to entertain me forever! You may have been in your “home” away from home, but coming home would still be a delight and comfort.

  10. wow – 10 years in the same house! I will never be bored looking at photos of good food, wine, family, friends and beach. especially if you throw in a cute cat and bit of knitting every so often! thank you for sharing this year’s vacation with us!

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