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Watercolor Wednesday

I couldn’t help but think that those beach photos from last weekend would look great as watercolors. And I think I was right!

sunrise watercolor

This one of the sunrise was taken by Dale on Friday morning when he had to get up and (boo) go to work.

sunset watercolor

And this sunset was taken by me. It’s one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen there.

storm clouds watercolor

And this one was taken by Dale as the storm clouds from Hermine started to move in. I might like this one the best of all.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. I think I agree with you – that pink sunset is pretty, but the storm clouds with the fence and sea grass in the foreground is pure “beach”.

  2. They are all 3 lovely, I do love the blues in the first one. I need to install this app on my phone, happy Wednesday.

  3. All gorgeous – as watercolors and originals. I vote for # 3 — love the storm clouds. But, I will say that your sunset photo is unlike any I have ever seen…pink water!!! Beautiful.

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