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Birthday Recap


Thank you all so very much for the warm birthday wishes yesterday. Dale does such a great job when he takes over my blog once a year and yes, as many of you noted, I am very lucky to have him.

I had a great birthday yesterday. I worked, of course, since it was a Wednesday. And I had a meeting to go to which took up a chunk of my day. But, you know, I don’t mind working and going to meetings because it’s part of who I am but it also means I get to see my colleagues and friends and share some birthday love with them. Plus I got to ride to and from work in the Mustang with the top down and that’s a real treat.

In the evening Dale and I went to the Sun Tavern, one of my favorite restaurants, for an oyster and beer night. The oysters were plentiful and delicious! There were tons of raw Island Creek oysters along with oyster stew in a shot glass, oyster po’boys, oyters rockefeller and oyster fritters. The beer was cold and great and served to us by the owner of Mayflower Brewery. I did treat myself to a martini, though. I mean, it was my birthday! It was really a beautiful day and my only lament was that I didn’t have any cake. Then I walked into the kitchen and there was Dale with a whoopie pie on a plate, lighting candles and singing to me. It was a perfect moment, that whoopie pie was delicious, and yes, we ended the evening with a dance.

And now I move forward and see what it’s like to be 51. I think, much like being 50, that it will be more about being my more authentic self, more about finding new ways to be creative and fulfilled, more about living my story and accepting whatever that means with grace, embracing the good things with joy, and always finding ways to shine.

Thanks for being with me on this journey of my life.

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  1. What a lovely thought for the next year of your life! As the next “big” birthday approaches, I hope I find a way to embrace it as you have.

  2. Your peek into the new year coming up is so inspiring and such a good guideline for tackling life. The day sounds like fun…but oysters, really? (SOrry for the snark–I grew up in an oyster free part of the country.)

  3. I’m so happy you such a wonderful day! You’ve got exactly the right attitude for this decade, too – shine on with joy and grace!

  4. I’m getting on the oyster band wagon slooooowly! I’ve only had them once and they were grilled and delicious. My mom always like to eat the smoked one’s when I was a kid and the smell was awful to me. I looooove whoopie pies. I have a friend that makes them every year. So glad you got to do the things you love on your special day. Top down on the convertible-sweet.

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