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Now What? On Tuesdays

The problem with changing Ten On Tuesday to Ten on the Tenth is now I don’t know what to blog about on Tuesdays. I think I actually spent more time thinking about something to post for today than I would have spent coming up with a topic. And I still didn’t come up with much of anything.

I could tell you how the weather has gone from summer to fall to winter in the span of 2 days.

I could tell you how my hands are suddenly so dry it feels like I live in the Sahara.

I could tell you a weird story about how Dale and I couldn’t find Mason Friday night when we got home. We could hear him but he wasn’t coming to us like he usually does. We finally found him shut up in Hannah’s old bedroom. The door was closed behind him and the ironing board, which had been leaning against a dresser in the guest room, was across the closed door. We can’t really figure out how he got trapped in there and he’s not talking.

I could tell you the lonnnnng overdue news that Hannah actually moved out and into her own apartment. Last March. I know. I can’t believe I haven’t told you this yet. I keep thinking, I need to go over there and take photos (her place is adorbs) so I can tell you. And then I don’t. But now I have so there’s that.

I could tell you that my reading seems to have slowed down considerably. I can’t pinpoint why because I keep reading. I’m just not actually finishing much.

I could tell you that I finally finished a pair of socks. But I won’t tell you that because I need to save that for tomorrow because Wednesdays Are For Knitting.

I could tell you that Dale has his annual back-to-school head cold. I bet I don’t have to tell you that I’m really hoping he doesn’t pass this yearly treat on to me.

I guess, instead of all the things I could tell you, I’ll just show you a pretty picture.


And tell you that, despite the temperatures and shorter days, the lantana is still going strong.

Yes. That’s definitely what I want to tell you.


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  1. So, like . . . did you just tell us ten random things there? (I need to go back and count. . . but I think it was close.) Happy Just Plain Old Tuesday, Carole! 🙂

  2. A great photo. And I’m going to suggest there’s a reason Mason isn’t telling you what happened. He’s plotting some crazy middle of the night activity that will startle the daylights out of you. Secret kitty plans must only be revealed at a maximum impact time. Like barfing up a hairball for company. >^^<

  3. Ha…this post is exactly the way my brain works every time I go to do a blog post and then I just don’t. Good for you for putting it down in print.
    Beautiful picture!!!

  4. Funny Mason story. Cats are a secretive lot though… And a nice catch-up post. My reading has slowed as well and I’m not sure why.

  5. Excellent post! I am having a FANTASTIC vacation – lots of snuggle time with Genevieve even though there is a moratorium on posting any photos! This weather turn is shouting Manhattan to me – it’s that season! XOXO

  6. I’m probably going to noodle around in the TOT archives for awhile. I, too, missed the weekly prompt. But having hosted a weekly meme, I know how hard it is to keep going.

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