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Randomly On A Wednesday

First up, new boots. Animal print faux fur booties. Squeeee!


Let’s see, what else . . .

Oh! Yesterday a friend told me a story about 2 people I know. One was having a birthday party and the other bought him a scratch ticket as a gift. The birthday boy scratched and won $10,000. And THAT is why I don’t give scratch tickets as gifts. I just know I’m not mature enough to be happy for my friend in that situation.

There’s a lot of talk about safety pins and whether to wear them or not. I go back and forth on this, and truly, with where I live and work, it’s just not something I’m likely to encounter. However. I read this article from Southern Poverty Law Center on how to respond to everyday bigotry and it really spoke to me. It’s long but worth your time.

I’m also reading a lot about people donating to charities that will help combat things they are worried about. Planned Parenthood. The ACLU. The Southern Poverty Law Center. I think that’s great but I also urge you to do your research and make sure you are comfortable with the portion of money that is used for the charity and the portion that is used for administrative costs, and salaries and expenses and stuff. Charity Navigator is a great tool for obtaining information.

I have joined the Moby Dick Big Read. I first read about it yesterday on Kat’s blog. And she linked to Mason Dixon Knitting and their thoughts on it. And really, it’s a book I’ve always meant to read. The chance to hear it read by so many awesome individuals is one I don’t think I can pass up. I’m thinking I will set a goal of 5 chapters per week and I listened to my first chapter last night on my way home from work. Anyone want to join me?

I’m also thinking of joining the Project Peace Cowl KAL. Kat mentioned it last week and then Bonny talked about it on Monday and Vicki talked about it yesterday and I’m sort of feeling like resistance is futile. And also, why resist something that has the ability to bring more peace into my life? Because right now peace is sounding really friggin’ awesome.

Last night I went to my first ever Democratic Town Committee Meeting. It was awesome. We had great discussions about the party, about how to energize and engage young voters, and so much more. It was wonderful to be in a room with like minded individuals, that’s for certain.

And those are my random thoughts for today.

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  1. I did join Project Peace Cowl KAL – I really liked the idea.
    And I couldn’t agree more with your suggestion to be educated about where your donation money goes. Being a thoughtful consumer is always good. I try to be conscious about spending my money with business and in locations that support the things I care about.
    Taking a pass on Moby Dick – too many other books I’d rather read.
    Happy Hump Day!

  2. I’ve been looking for resources on how to speak up and what to say, so I appreciate the SPLC article. I’m honestly dreading Thanksgiving and a Christmas party that John’s boss is hosting. Minefields …

  3. I’m with you on the safety pin thing and the Peace project thing. Though I think I might just sign up for the project thing in the end.

    Most importantly – WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE AMAZING BOOTS!!!???

  4. LOVE your boots!! And, couldn’t agree more on being educated about where your money really goes. It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon and then be disappointed. I, too, had never read Moby Dick, though it’s a favorite of my best friend and also my son. I decided to give it a listen the other night and ended up listening to 9 (!!!) chapters while I knit. They are fast and it’s fun to hear the various voices reading the different chapters.

  5. Those boots – really, my daughter might need those with a capital N! LOL

    I am loving Moby Dick, which astounds me as this was “required reading” in my freshman year in high school and I hated it.

    And, I wound my yarn yesterday for the Peace Along – I am eager for peace, everywhere and at all times right now! (However, Christmas music is helping until the cast on day!) XOXO

  6. I’ve been considering the Moby Dick read since I saw it last week. (And really since The Art of Fielding…) I’ll certainly make time today to read the article, thank-you. I need all the help I can get. The knit…mayyyyyybe. And those boots…FAB!

  7. wonderful, I have also always wanted to read Moby Dick…this will be great for Book Club, thanks for the link! and Free is wonderful! LOL

  8. Very cool story about the scratch ticket. I like the idea of the KAL. If I can get some obligation knitting done by 11/30 then I think I will join. We can all use a little more Peace in our lives.

  9. I had to read Moby Dick in 8th grade and I thought it was awful & depressing. I know my opinion of the book had everything to do with being 13 years old at the time, but I just can’t bring myself to re-read it again right now. I hope you enjoy it and maybe you will inspire me to take another look at it!

  10. This post made me laugh (I’m with you on the scratch ticket as a gift) and made me think (Moby Dick is the only novel that I didn’t read in college–I went to all the lectures and read Cliff Notes, etc.). Your meeting with Democrats sounded so productive (I would love to know if this county has any kind of discussions like yours). I probably won’t knit a cowl since I lead a knitting group which last year produced 325 items to give to charities in the metro area. Fun post!

  11. Totally LOVE your books. You have taken action! I’m giving all my $$ to local charities this year. The groundswell starts at home. You are an inspiration, Carole!

  12. I have already read Moby Dick. And once was plenty for me. Just sayin. 🙂 I am going to try the Peace Cowl, though. (And don’t make me get on my soapbox about Charity Navigator and “grading” non-profits. Because, while there certainly are SHIFTY non-profits – and you really must beware, it’s a shame that people equate “overhead” and “administrative costs” with BAD. Because non-profit organizations? They need to keep their lights on and buy new computers and hire competent staff if ANY of their good program work is going to happen.) (Ooops. Can’t help myself. I got on the soap box anyway.)

  13. Where did you find your boots? I am looking for some booties, but I have really wide feet, so there isn’t much out there. I joined the Project Peace Cowl KAL—I like the idea of working one repeat per day, reminding us that perseverance is the way to achieve anything, whether it is social change or a knitting project. I bookmarked the Moby Dick website when it was featured on Mason-Dixon Knitting, but I haven’t started listening yet. I guess I’m saving it for the first day we are snowed-in this year.

  14. I’m going to go check out the Peace Cowl, it’s been a while since I joined a KAL. Good for you for getting involved with your local party!

  15. Lots of good stuff here (yay for Charity Navigator & SPLC). I confess, I keep wondering exactly what socks go with those boots? Are you knitting up something special for them?!

  16. Random Good Stuff is always welcome! I’m joining the Project Peace KAL, too – just need to figure out what yarn I’ll use. I’m not, however, going to listen to Moby Dick (at least not now 😉 How did it get to be Thursday already?!

  17. I hope the Project Peace promotes/generates a little discussion. I am really needing some peace right now!!

    Hm. Moby Dick. I’ve been avoiding that, but of course now all I’m hearing is good things!!

  18. I have never read Moby Dick, but I don’t think I’m going to read or listen to it just now. However the KAL appeals to me. I do have some gift knitting to do, but I have never done a KAL, and I love cowls. Several FB friends, blog friends, and face to face friends are exploring ways to be more active – politically as well as charitably – as a reaction to the recent election. I’m still exploring what will be best for me.

  19. I love the boots! Thank you for the reminder to really check into your charities. I tend to stay pretty local with my charity dollars. So many needs are right in our own neighborhoods.

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