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Floundering On Tuesday

There comes that moment every day in the life of a blogger. The moment when you think: crap. I haven’t written my blog post yet. What am I going to write about.

You know the moment, right?

Some days, it’s easy. You’ve got knitting or a book you just finished or a fine TV show you’ve watched and you’re dying to share it with everyone.

And some days. Well. You know.

Today is a day that’s not easy and I’m at a loss. So I’m just typing away here and hoping something will inspire me.




Ooooh. Here’s something. Black Friday shopping. Yay or nay? For me it’s a nay. I mean, I hate the mall and I don’t really like to leave my house so I’m all online shopping all the time. Plus, this Friday is Gilmore Girls day and I will be parked on my couch with knitting and coffee and tissues. I know people who love this day, though, and you know, more power to ’em. I do draw the line at shopping on Thanksgiving, though. I think it’s reprehensible.

How about the length of the books you read.  What’s your preferred number of pages? I think I tend to like books that fall in the 300-400 page range. Right now I’m reading The Fireman and it’s loooooong. 700+ pages long. And I just don’t know. I like it but I’m only 25% in and I’m not sure I have the stamina for it right now. Plus, as usual, everything I had on hold with Overdrive all became available at once.

Oh! I have been doing this new thing where I try to get Inbox Zero by the end of the day. It’s made my work flow much better and I just love it. Also, helpful? Not checking email after 8pm.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I do need a picture though.

Here’s one. I took it yesterday morning.


First snow 2016. Blerggghhhh.



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  1. To answer your questions: I’m not a very good shopper and don’t think I’ve ever been out on Black Friday. Online, absolutely. I don’t think much about the number of pages in a book, as long as it’s well-written. I’ve read some great books (The Goldfinch, The Nix, 11/22/63) that were 600-900 pages, but none of them felt long to me. That said, I still haven’t gotten through Centennial at 1056 pages. 🙂

  2. I have never enjoyed shopping. Well, I can shop in a bookstore or well curated cooking store for an hour or more. I did shop the 6:00am part of Black Friday when my nieces & nephew were young. My goal was in & done so I could be home from the madness by 10:00am. This was not a buddy event, it was a rapid deployment mission. Now, I try not to go anywhere that day.

  3. I likewise fall in the camp of not a “black friday” shopper – and Amazon now makes me feel like Black Friday is a never ending loop of emails beginning on November 1st!

    I do not mind a book’s length – especially if the story is compelling. The Goldfinch was one of the best reads ever – and it was a long book!

    And, yes – why is it that Overdrive loves to overload you! Gah! They have a conspiracy for us to get nothing done but read!

    And, boots – I think I need to find me some!

  4. I used to do Black Friday shopping – but never the mall, only specialty boutique-type shops that are local. My son and I would do that, go out to eat lunch or zip home for a turkey sandwich. Now he’s older and moved out and I’m content to stay home out of the madness. However, my nephew’s wife just opened a shop and my sister-in-law has suggested we meet there on Friday and then go out to lunch. So, I may brave the traffic…just not sure. Overdrive ALWAYS overloads me (or I request too many books??? No). Page length doesn’t matter to me if it’s a great read.

  5. I never shop on Black Friday either. I will also be watching Gilmore Girls with my daughter. We can’t wait!

  6. I love the idea of “Craft” Friday—spending a quiet day relaxing with friends or alone, doing some creative thing you love while you make something for someone you love, or at least like. I worked at Target as Christmas help the first year I was retired, and seeing how desperate and unhappy most of those Black Friday shoppers looked really made an impression on me—I don’t think Christmas was merry for many of them. I hadn’t heard about the Gilmore Girls thing—are you watching on Netflix? (I have never seen the show—where have I been?) I will probably be hand-sewing the binding on the placemats I’m making for my mom for Christmas while I watch.

  7. I am usually working on Black Friday, so that takes care of that! I’ve done the day-after-Christmas shopping (almost as NUTSO) with my sis & mom a few times. CRAZY. Rusty’s actually been the one to wait for the doors to open (back when they opened at the “reasonable” hour of 6 or 7 a.m.) for a couple of particular items — when the girls were little.

  8. I am not a black Friday shopper, there is no sale that would compel me to take part in that madness! I do most of my shopping online.
    I don’t think about the length of a book, but how well it is written. Some of my favorite books (Kristn Lavransdatter, Black Lamb and Gray Falcon, & Testament of Youth) were over 1000 pages and did not seem long to me.
    I’m looking forward to Gilmore Girls too!

  9. No black Friday shopping, I’d want to kill someone within 15 minutes. Maybe some on-line but that’s it. And I’m with you – it’s a crime that stores are open on Thanksgiving. Doug and I go to Maine each December and get the bulk of it done then. Book length…300-400 is perfect but of course we’ll up the game if necessary! Great post Carole!

  10. You got snow! I heard that there were flakes near us but never saw them. I do Black Friday shopping with an old friend. We catch up, go to breakfast and if we get some bargains it’s a bonus! We are home by 11 and I spend the afternoon doing online shopping.

  11. OMG! I can’t believe that this is a three day comment. Your Sunday selfie was so pretty. Staying in for a weekend is just the ticket to recharge for all the holiday activities. Black Friday–no way. And like you, I find shopping on Thanksgiving just an abomination! I feel sorry for the retail workers who miss out on a relaxing holiday! So there!

  12. Am I the only person that actually has to work on Friday? Not that I would be shopping if I were off, but still…

  13. First, may I say that your floundering is pretty good content? In any case, there’s a mighty thin veil between Random and Flounder 😉

    So – Inbox Zero–I tried to approach it earlier this year and couldn’t get there. But I may try again. My problem wasn’t the incoming day but clearing out old old and very old emails. Its a good mental clutter reducer, though, so worth the effort.
    I rarely enjoy shopping as a recreational activity in the first place, so it’s no surprise that I dislike everything about Black Friday shopping at stores. Craft Friday is my day!

  14. We somehow made the mistake of going into downtown Chicago on Black Friday. omg, what a disaster. The only other time I have shopped on BF was, coincidentally, also in Chicago but in the suburbs. We went into a Best Buy for two specific things, purchased them, and were back at our motel in short order.

    Otherwise, Black Friday will find me cuddled up with my knitting and Netflix.

    I like analog books in the 200-350 page range. Anything longer delays the next books on my nightstand too long. On it is the other way around; I prefer anything >10 hours. More for my money 🙂

  15. Ugh! I don’t like doing any kind of shopping after Thanksgiving – only on-line – no pushy crowds, no waiting in long lines, and trying to find a place to park. The only thing is being vigilant about watching the tracking of your boxes so you know when they arrive – last year, one day in December someone came trolling in our neighborhood and stole delivered boxes off people’s front porches. My husband walked around the neighborhood and found my empty box and a neighbor’s empty Amazon box in the gutter (which had been slit open with a sharp object and not been torn open by neighborhood kids playing pranks) at the end of the alley at the end the block. He checked the area in case they ditched the merchandise but to no avail. We had to file reports with the police and post office. Luckily, my merchant mailed a replacement box. I’m happy to believe that there are more good people in the world than people who are looking for an easy way out (stealing other’s property, identity, etc.).

  16. I am not a shopper any time of year, but Black Friday is a NEVER kind of thing. I love the idea of Craft Friday and will likely do a little crafting along with cleaning and decorating. However, Saturday I MAY do a little yarn shopping for Small Business Day.

  17. Marc’s niece got married earlier this month; she and her new husband live in Maine. They were loving the snow because they got to break into (and share on Instagram) their “First Snow” beer. …just sayin’

    I’m with you on the Black Friday shopping (and the Thanksgiving shopping) and looking forward to Gilmore Girls Friday.

    also, I love your boots!

  18. I used to do all my shopping on Black Friday as that was the only day I didn’t have to take my boys and my mother along with me. We don’t buy too many gifts anymore and I tend to do calendars and such that I can customize with photos online. I don’t mind long books provided they keep me engaged. I’ve read all of the Outlander series and the Goldfinch was really good. Although, I actually listened to the Goldfinch, but it took a while.

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