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Right Now

I think it’s time for an all purpose and general catch up post. Let’s chat, hmmmm?


Drinking: Christmas tea from this absolutely adorable mug I got at Target.

Reading: Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. It’s very reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird and I’m really enjoying it.

Watching: all the Christmas movies. Sweet, sappy, funny, silly, traditional, I love them all.

Listening: all the Christmas music. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Knitting: the Peace Cowl. There’s a story there but it will have to wait a bit.

Planting: another amaryllis and some paperwhites that were given to me. I’ve gone from having no Christmas flowers to having an abundance.

Buying: lots of Christmas presents. I’m almost there and that feels great.

Dropping: the ball on Ten on the Tenth. The tenth was Saturday and I completely forgot about it. And then Kat reminded me and I still didn’t do anything about setting up a post. I think Ten on the Whatever might just be a thing of the past. I apologize to those of you who had a post ready to go and hope you can find a time to use it anyway.

Wrapping: nothing at all yet. Must get going on this.

Anticipating: the week after Christmas. Dale and I are both off and I’m looking forward to lots of rest and relaxation together.

Baking: all the cookies. Today. With Doreen. Doesn’t get any better than a day in the kitchen with my dear sweet friend.

I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world right now. Do tell!

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  1. I am envying your baking day. This hasn’t happened yet here. But treats are needed for DH’s office festivities next Monday so it will happen. Happy baking!

  2. There is a lot of good stuff in your list! I had forgotten about the Tenth, and definitely would not have been inclined to write a Saturday post. This is the first year it’s happened, but I am done with shopping and wrapping because almost all of my gifts had to be mailed early. Today I have a poem to write to personalize a gift card, wrap it, mail it, raise a mug of tea to a job done, and get back to knitting and reading!

  3. What a happy mug! 🙂 My shopping is pretty much complete, but I have yet to wrap and bake. And I have a party coming up (that we’re hosting), so there’s that. And it looks like maybe a bit more shoveling. It’s a busy time of year, that’s for sure!

  4. I love your Christmas mug too. My sister has an RV. I may have to make a trip to Target and scoop one up for her. Was it with the mugs/dinnerware or was it with the Christmas seasonal stuff?

    Every year I stuff my son’s stocking with the limited edition peppermint Tootsie Roll Pops. I can only find them at Target. (I get a bag for myself, too!)

  5. I’m pretty much done shopping and it’s a first to be done this early. What a great feeling! Enjoy your fun day with your friend today! It sounds wonderful!

  6. I love knitting the peace cowl. It’s relaxing and perfect for these busy times. I love the mug!

  7. Cute mug Carole. Enjoy your baking day. I need to get going on othat as well as wrapping and then shipping. Oy vey! I’m not stressing though…trying to enjoy each moment. When my husband re-did our kitchen window box he discovered pansies still blooming (!!), so brought them inside and they are now potted and hanging in a bedroom window. Love!

  8. Adorable mug! I’ll have to try and find one for Ali — reminiscent of KC&T’s “Coffee Camper”! I’m going to have to do my baking at home this year! (And better get going!)

  9. Baking begins for me tomorrow. Today I will wrap a few more presents, even though I don’t have a tree yet! Have to clear out the guest room so that guests can actually sleep there. Then I have after school pickup duty for two of my granddaughters. The third is going to an appointment with her mom. Love the days when I get to see my little girls! I love this time of year. So busy and full of fun.

  10. Today is a snowy day in Illinois (our 1st real snow of the season!) and I am working on my Christmas cards. This afternoon I volunteer at a Catholic Worker house for women & children and I plan to work on my Peace Cowl before the kids get home from school-I’m two days behind and hoping to catch up! Your mug is so cute!

  11. Baking is so much more fun with a buddy. Just the title Ordinary Grace makes it sound like a compelling read. Love the snow in your masthead!

  12. When Ten on the Whatever becomes a burden it is time to drop it. “Do not mourn its passing, celebrate that it existed!”

  13. I cast on the Peace Cowl this weekend. It took forever for me to choose yarn and then I dithered about the cast on. But it’s coming along. And I’m not stressed about it.

  14. Saved the book you mentioned on Amazon. I am in Seattle area with daughter and family. I have 3 grandchildren whose birthdays are 4 days apart this month starting today!!! So busy making cookies to take to school and today made the first birthday cake. We eat a lot of cake this time of year!!! My daughter is taking off work on Friday and we are going to wrap presents together. Always fun when I get to spend one on one with my daughter. Then Friday night take the boys to see the Nutcracker. On Sunday we got another Christmas program. Hopefully will stay dry so we can go to Seattle Zoo Lights next week. So all in all, fun times with family and I will sleep on the train when I head home to North Dakota at the end of the month!!

  15. I really enjoyed that book as well. It is also reminiscent (to me) of Kent Haruf’s books. They are always intensely personal, heartfelt, real. I am going to miss his work. It sounds as though all the joy in your life is keeping you in the moment, and that is the best place to be.

  16. *happy sigh* that list reads so much like 12 days until Christmas 🙂 it is a wonderful time of year for hustle and bustle (and like you, I hope to have complete relaxation the week after Christmas). I loved Ordinary Grace and like your comparison to To Kill a Mockingbird. Look forward to reading your review.

  17. Ordinary Grace-must put that on the to read list. Finally getting to the baking and hopefully tomorrow will be the last of the gift buying-we’ll see!

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