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Randomly On A Wednesday

This post has actually posted by accident a couple of times. Might as well go on ahead and publish it before that happens again, huh?

Awright. Here we go with the random.

  • The Book Club I started has met a couple of times and it’s been awesome. It’s different than a typical book club in that we don’t all read the same book. Instead, we each spend some time talking about the most recent book we have read. It’s a great way to hear about books and discuss books without any of the pressure of having to read a particular book. Also wine. And food. (as in, that’s a photo of the tart that Sean made for us last week. fantastic)
  • I have this thing that happens where I sneeze about 25-30 times in a row. It happens at least a couple of times a month, sometimes a little more frequently. And it happens in all kinds of places – at work, at home, at Kiwanis meetings, at the movies, at a bar, when I’m driving. I’ll tell you, it can be damn inconvenient and sometimes a bit embarrassing.
  • Dale and I are planning a trip to Charleston, SC in April. Neither of us have been there before so any recommendations on good restaurants and must sees are welcome. Of course Ft. Sumter is on his list and the beach is on mine. Magnolia Plantation is something we both want to see. We are renting through AirBnB (our first time) and we’re very excited to be going somewhere new.
  • Mary and I had a little side bet on this year’s Super Bowl outcome and, as a result of that glorious Pat’s win, Mary sent me an awesome care package of Atlanta goodies and treats. It was full of yummy things to eat and I love that she assembled this for me. And she didn’t even include any sour grapes!
  • I’ve now seen all of this year’s Best Picture nominees and I have to say, unlike some years, I’m really okay with any one of the nominated films winning. I think Lion is my favorite but they all have merit and all deserve the recognition.
  • Speaking of the movies, the other day when Dale and I went I ordered popcorn and I said, “I’d like a medium black popcorn.” Ummm. Yeah. My name is Carole and I have a Dunkin’ Donuts problem.
  • SPA is this weekend and, for the first time ever (even though we talk about it every year) Sharon and I are heading up later today. YASSSSSS.
  • That means that my posts through Friday are written and will publish accordingly. And that means you probably won’t get an email from me until next week.
  • Just know, and this is a sneak peek for tomorrow’s post, that I love ya more than my luggage.

Over and out.




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  1. Your book club sounds wonderful! What better way to find out about new book possibilities than from your friends, and wine and food make it perfect. Have fun at SPA!

  2. Now that sounds like a great plan for a book group! (And Sean’s tart? Yes, please!) We’ve been to Charleston several times (we used to spring break on Kiawah Island regularly) — and y’all are going to love it. And the movies this year were great, non? I loved Lion, too. But I think I’d pick Moonlight for the win. Have fun at SPA!

  3. I do love the sound of your book club. Years and years ago I belonged to one where we all read the same book and it was fun, but I like your idea more. Wine, food and Sean’s Tart are the icing(s) on that cake. Charleston is a lovely town steeped in history. I’ve been there, but it’s been a long time ago, so no recommendations from me. A carriage ride would be fun (and romantic) though. Enjoy. And enjoy your SPA weekend!!

  4. That is a pretty brilliant book club format. Get exposed to more books with no enforced reading of a book you don’t like. Sean can join my book club anytime.

    I have to say that our trip to Charleston had some good food, but one of the highlights was family low country food served in a place with vinyl flooring and slamming screen doors. I want to say it was “Gullah’s”. But read about that cuisine and then pick a well reviewed place close to you.

  5. I went to Charleston a couple of years ago and yes, you should definitely do the carriage tour. I’ve been sneezing for 10+ years now but it mostly occurs out to eat. The more I pay the more I sneeze! 🙂 I love the book group idea and may offer that up at our next meeting. Have a wonderful time in Maine!

  6. Charleston is a great place to visit!! You will be going crazy taking pictures of all the gorgeous homes & live oak trees at the Battery& Rainbow Row houses. Definitely do a carriage ride, visit a plantation or two (Middleton, Boone Farm, Magnolia), have a fried green tomato blt at Toast restaurant, do a house & garden tour during April, stroll the streets, shops, and definitely pick up a sweet grass basket at the Market Place. Dinner or lunch at Hyman’s Restaurant is a lot of fun-you’ll be seated at a table with a little placard on it telling you which famous person has sat in the same seat for a meal(I sat in Pat Conroy’s seat!). If you get the chance, go on to Savannah for more southern charm-another fabulous place to visit-all the gorgeous squares!

  7. I will try to refrain from commenting on every little thing–so, first: Have a marvelous time at SPA! And I love your book club idea, I have tried to suggest a month where we just talk about books instead of all reading the same book but there are some curmudgeons in the group who don’t want to have a free-form meeting. Boo hiss on them! And Charleston is on my bucket list!

  8. Three friends and I have been meeting every two months for over a year to share our “recent reads.” In fact we just met yesterday, Tues 21. Y R right: good books, good food and good friends make for a grand day! Enjoy your meet-ups!


  9. Random post gets some random comments:
    I love the idea of your book club. I left one that got a bit too rigid for me. And the most rigid person was one who rarely read the assigned book, go figure.
    Charleston is lovely and you will enjoy it. You should go to Jestine’s Kitchen for the cola cake. Afterwards, ask me for the recipe for chocolate coca cola cake that I make. Super easy and the best, moistest, richest chocolate cake ever.
    I had my annual bet with my dad for the Super Bowl. $1 and he gets to pick which team he wants…I lost. My name is Doris and I also have a Dunkin Donuts problem (to the point that the guy gets my coffee ready when he sees me walk in the door).
    Have a lovely time at SPA. I am jealous jealous jealous!!

  10. That is a fabulous charter for a book club! I have refrained from book clubs because I really don’t want to read anything but what I want to read. Please don’t think me narrow minded, but life is short and all that. I would love a book club that allows you to read your own choice of books. Genuis! Have a great few days off. We’ll see ya when we see ya!

  11. Re Charleston, I have no restaurant recommendations to suggest but a carriage tour, especially of the historic district is fun and worthwhlie, the aquarium is worth a visit, so is taking a harbour cruise.

  12. I love your book club arrangement. Charleston is a lovely city, and your are visiting it during a pretty good time of year-not to hot or humid.

  13. Our bookclub does that once a year, its such a good way to get new book ideas (or to learn about books you can live without ) Last weekend we realized we’ve been meeting for 25 years. How can I be that old????

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