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Well now. That weekend went by in a flash! It was a good flash, too. Here’s what I did:


  • Spent a lovely Friday at home. I finished listening to 11/22/63 (so good!) and finished reading How the Light Gets In. I also finished knitting Algiers.
  • Attended the Kiwanis Annual Installation of Officers. I’m going to be Secretary this year for my friend Tom, who is our new President. Dale is going to be Vice President which means in two years the presidency is his. It’s work but it’s satisfying work and that makes all the difference.
  • Went to Target. $175 later I left. You know how that goes.
  • Knit for a better part of the afternoon. I’m working on socks for Dale, mitts for me, and a gift for someone special.
  • Made a delicious dinner of short ribs and garlic mashed potatoes. Saturday was rainy and dreary and this was the perfect comfort food to go along with that weather.
  • Watched football with friends. The snacks were great – homemade buffalo chicken dip, deviled eggs and jalapeno poppers from our homegrown jalapenos – the football? We shall not speak of that.
  • Danced with Dale. But of course.

I hope your weekend was fab. And now – onward to the work week. Yay.

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  1. We finally had a weekend without commitments and that was pretty darn good since it had been over a month since that was the case. Sadly, we are now in the final stretch of baseball. We try to remember that scarcity helps us treasure it more.

  2. Greetings from NC! We missed that of which we shall not speak. Looks like an enjoyable weekend – those crummy days can be quite nice. We’ve been considering joining the Kiwanis…here’s to a great week ahead.

  3. Target is dangerous! And, you have me suffering major shoe envy! (I used to love wearing heels…now I’d kill myself!). The short ribs and mashed potatoes–yummy!

  4. Haha. I noticed a $5.49 debit at Target on my bank account the other day and immediately thought I’d been hacked or something… then remembered that I actually did manage to go in, get the curtain rod that I went for, and depart without even so much as an extra pack of gum!!

    Good weekend stuff… they sure do fly by!

  5. oooh are those mitts I spy in the upper right? love the color (and the cables). and of course the shoes. what a story that photo tells!

  6. I bought some short ribs and need to make them up soon. It must be the change of weather as winter is certainly trying to make it’s way in (a little TOO early!).

  7. Sounds wonderful-yea let’s not talk about football. My winning streak in Fantasy Football is over, and my QB is questionable next week. The snacks you had sound delicious though-so there was that right?!

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