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My weekend was atypical in that I worked Friday afternoon and evening but I will say that I managed to make the most of it anyway.


Thursday night was the kick off for a new Book Club I am starting. We met at our local sushi place and had a fabulous meal and discussed my idea for the format of our book club and had a great time. We won’t be meeting on Thursdays in the future but this was a great way to start things off on a delicious note. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about this group once we get rolling.

Friday, as I said, I worked. I definitely missed Friday Night Snacks with Dale.


On Saturday we went to King Richard’s Faire and had a ball. We dressed for the occasion and drank beer and enjoyed the sights. It’s a pricey excursion but the entertainment is terrific and the people watching is even better.


We came home and had a fire in the backyard with Jo-Ann and Shawn. It definitely felt like fall and the warmth of the fire was welcome after being outside all day.

On Sunday my friends Sean and Michael hosted a surprise birthday brunch for me! They really went all out with decorations and absolutely wonderful food.


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I am so incredibly lucky to have these guys as my friends and neighbors. Of all the places they could have chosen to live, it’s just wonderful that they chose to live here. And I say that not only because I love hanging out with them but because they are generous and fun and fabulous cooks, too!


It was so wonderful – everything was fantastic. Dale was with me, of course, and Jess and Hannah along with Hannah’s boyfriend, Mike, plus Sharon and Al and Jo-Ann and Shawn.


And finally! Sean and I remembered to get a picture of us together!

Dale and I ended the evening with some quiet time on the couch, watching TV and feeling cozy.

Weekends don’t get much better than this one, that’s for sure.

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  1. That looks like a great weekend, even with the Friday night work. And I think Sean and Michael need to share some of those recipes – I’m hungry just looking at the pictures. 🙂

  2. Surprise birthday brunch?! So much better than what many people get from their neighbors. Looks like another weekend thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. What a great weekend Carole! And that brunch sure looks yummy. Love the pic of you and Dale ready for the Faire – what fun!!

  4. I’m with Erica – some recipes, please! If you’re going to show photos of such delicious food, it’s only fair. And speaking of fair(e), I love the clothing that you’ve got in your dress-up trunk!

  5. How fun is THAT?!??! What a great way to celebrate your birthday. (And I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing with the book group.)

  6. Maybe we (blog readers) can read along with your book club if you announce what book is being read? What wonderful neighbors! Food looks delicious!

  7. I can’t help but think having a fall-ish birthday worked well this year! What a fun weekend. and I think I need a few of those brunch recipes!

  8. Good luck with your book group! I have loved mine and been a member for many, many years. You have the greatest of friend (because you know how to be one) and your weekend looks just fabulous!

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