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Can I just say — as much as I adore weekends away — it was great to be home this weekend. Regular routines were reestablished, plans were made for finishing up some home improvement stuff, hanging out and relaxing was paramount, and I just had a feeling of contentment all weekend long.


Friday Night Snacks have returned! As a friend of mine on Facebook said, they were on vacation for much of the summer but now that Dale is back to school our Friday nights at home have returned as well. Of course, as I typed that I realized that we will be out for the next two Friday nights but I’m pretending that’s not the case right now since those nights at home with Dale and snacks and cocktails and music are my favorite.


On Saturday we did a quintessentially autumn in New England thing and went to a Harvest Fair at Soule Homestead. We saw Blogless Sharon, who was there spinning, and Dale’s brother Randy, who was there with his Native American artifacts. We ate great food (homemade tomato basil soup!) and walked around admiring the crafts and enjoying the beautiful day. And, best of all, we listened to great music. I’ve been wanting to hear The Boxcar Lilies for ages and was so glad to finally get the chance. They were terrific and I’m hoping we can catch up with them again soon.


The evening found us back on the deck, enjoying cocktails (Manhattans and whiskey this time) and snacks, as well as a pizza on the grill. It was warmer than Friday night and we stayed out later but did eventually retreat into the house for more music and some dancing in the kitchen.


Sunday morning was breakfast on the deck – a perfect way to celebrate the last Sunday of the summer. It was warm and breezy and wonderful and I know I savored it, recognizing that our days of eating outside until next spring are numbered. Sigh.


I spent the afternoon at Tom and Anne’s watching football and eating quahog chowder that I made from quahogs given to Dale by some friends of his. The game wound up okay but the injury to Jimmy G. is something to be concerned about if you are a Pat’s fan. The chowder, on the other hand, was terrific.

How was your weekend?


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  1. My weekend was sleep deprived and jet-lagged, but I had just enjoyed a week in Dresden, so not complaining but stating facts.

    I wanted to say that can of smoked oysters was a lovely flashback to my childhood. These were considered a great treat for a special time as they were a bit pricey, but even as a wee one I was always excited to see that can come out! Thanks for the memoriy.

  2. I lok forward to a lazy weeken. This weekend was spent, as you know, at the sewing machine. (Today too as I take a day off to finish). Net weekend shoulf be fun. I have, um…well…I’ve got some random things to take care of. OH and my favorite part of the weekend will be you visiting foe a quiet brunch, just the 4 of us, if Dale comes…

    Off to the sewing machine!

  3. Similar weekend…a run, some yard work, a dinner outside on a restaurant deck and back home to relax Saturday evening. Keeping our fingers crossed for Jimmy G!

  4. Looks so relaxing and delicious! The chowder looks particularly yummy (and a rainy Monday here, so just sayin’ it would be perfect for lunch). We did drinks on the patio, but no food (too buggy) – oh, and I did make the pistachio ice cream – wonderful!! Thanks for the link and for enabling me….

  5. My weekend was largely about football. Both of my favorite teams won in a cliffhanger, so I couldn’t move away…not even for a timeout!

  6. that all looks (and sounds) delicious! I’m looking forward to a lot of fall weekends “at home” – nothing better, especially on a Saturday evening when there’s so much fun college football to watch!

  7. I’m so inspired right now-can’t wait to get a couple pumpkins for our balcony and front door. Bring on fall!

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