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I had a truly terrific weekend, as illustrated by the photo mosaic above. It included:

  • A trip to the beach on Friday. I know, I know. The beach. Again. But it was hot and I couldn’t resist the idea of one last swim.
  • An overnight at Doreen’s house. It was great to see her and Mark again. We had a nice dinner out and we shared some Cape Cod Harvest Ale (my favorite of all of their brews) and we had some retail therapy, too.
  • A great night on the deck with Dale. It seemed like ages since we were home on a weekend (because it has been!) and it was so nice to just be home together. We did our usual snack tray but then celebrated with lobsters for dinner.
  • A delicious breakfast with homemade English muffins from Sean. So good and such a thoughtful thing for him to do.
  • Grape picking. Dale did most of the work but I pitched in and now it’s on me to make the jelly.

Other things not pictured:

  • Cocktail hour with Jo-Ann followed by (for me, anyway) the first half of the Pats game. I woke up this morning to find out they won. Woot!
  • A graceless fall at our local farmstand. I slipped on mud in the greenhouse and landed with a thud on my ass. The bruising ought to be spectacular.
  • Homemade pistachio ice cream. I only managed to finish the custard yesterday, I still have to churn the ice cream but if the custard is any indication this is going to be stupendous ice cream.
  • A dream about Dixie. She came to me through the bedroom window and got up on the bed and slept with me. It was sad and comforting all at the same time.

That’s it for my weekend recap. How was your weekend?


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  1. Your photos and fun are lovely, as always, but I am sorry for your spectacular bruising. My grandmother always said that falls in front of others felt worse, and I hope some spectacular ice cream can make it better.

  2. Dixie…nice to see her though I’ll bet. Looks like a great weekend to me! The Cape was spectacular this weekend…except for the epic event we had trying to get back over the bridge!

  3. Beautiful pictures as always Carole. Looks like (other than the epic fall) it was a fabulous weekend. You may need to share the ice cream recipe……

  4. Your dream of Dixie touched me. I have those dreams sometimes. Whoever said they leave footprints on our hearts got it right; a little sappy, but true.

  5. Looks like you had a full weekend, that could have had at least one thing less (yikes, I am glad you were not hurt too terribly!!) Homemade grape jam and ice cream! Both sound delicious!

  6. Great fun, great food, great company–can’t beat that weekend. Sympathy for your ouies–I had a backward fall Sunday before yesterday and have an exotic new disease which I call Blue Butt! My sympathies are with you!

  7. Lobster, pistachio ice cream (recipe please, remember Howard Johnsons pistachio?), and grape jelly. I was expecting that to be wine. Did get some Maine lobster last week in Key West. Yum.

  8. what a wonderful weekend (except for that fall!) – can’t wait to hear more about the ice cream and the grape jelly. and I hope you get back to the beach one more time!

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