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You guys. I was determined, absolutely determined, to take photos of things other than food and drink this weekend.


But then on Friday I picked a whole bunch of tomatoes and roasted them in the oven. The weather was predicted to turn cold and I was worried that this could be the last of them. Turns out it’s not, but still, I was proactive and how how could I not take a photo of those gorgeous red globes?


And then. Well, then it was Friday Night Snack time. Everything looked all cozy and I just couldn’t resist a photo of our dinner and cocktails.


I came to my senses, though, while we were playing Quiddler and I snapped a photo. Dale will say it was because the score was in my favor but really, it wasn’t.


Saturday started off promising when I snapped a photo of our Halloween party prep. I spent the rest of the day splashing more red paint around, and also reading, watching TV and knitting. No food photos at all. Of course, that’s probably because Dale had to work and I didn’t cook anything worth photographing, but I’m going to call it progress.


Sunday morning I made an apple coffee cake. Of course I had to take a photo.


I came to my senses late that morning, though, and took a photo while reading on the deck. The weather was glorious and it felt great to read outside.


On Sunday afternoon I made a cocktail with bourbon, apple cider and ginger beer. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist another photo.


After the footballs (yay Pats!) we went back outside for a Quiddler rematch. While we played, we snacked on our own tomatoes with local mozzarella and our own basil. How could I not take a photo of that loveliness?

I tried. I really tried. But seriously, the prettiest stuff around me is so often food that I just can’t help myself.

As the song says, I am what I am.


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  1. I’m always happy to see lovely food photos, especially when they include the last summer tomatoes. It all looks pretty (good) to me!

  2. There shall be no criticism about your photo subjects from here. I never think to take pictures of anything. I went to a pastry shop for coffee & cake in Germany. The pastry was beautiful and I didn’t think to take a picture until it was only half as beautiful because it was half gone!

  3. I never mind the food photos – you inspire me! (I added apple cider to my shopping list when I saw that yummy cocktail photo!)

  4. I enjoy seeing the photos of delicious food. Sometimes I get inspired to try to make the food you post. I’m always looking for new recipes and ideas.

  5. Your food photos never let us down! And like Mary said…that cocktail looks so delicious! Looks like a great weekend!

  6. Love rhose foodie photos. Always a new idea. I’m going to bake an apple coffee cake soon. Haven’t made one for a long time and yours reminded me how yum they are.

  7. Your food photos are epic. Don’t ever stop! We woke Monday to a lowering snow line and very cold temps. Summer is over and winter is already pushing in on fall!

  8. love the food photos-who can resist fresh tomatoes anyway! I have apple cider is on my grocery list-granted I’ve been to the store twice and couldn’t remember to get it! This weekend for sure-the weather here is perfect for a fall bourbon-y cocktail. I’ll be cheering on my Falcons and enjoying some knitting.

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