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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I have two photos to show you and I took both of them yesterday.

First up, this big bowl of produce from our raised bed garden.


We had a freeze warning for last night so I picked everything that was left late in the afternoon yesterday. Lots of green tomatoes and some red ones. Basil. Jalapenos. I never would have expected to still be picking vegetables on October 25th and I honestly can’t be happier with the results of our first ever raised bed.

Next, this photo of our first wood stove fire of the season.


The irony is not lost on me that while I was in the kitchen taking a picture of garden tomatoes, Dale was in the living room lighting this fire.

As the title of this post says, goodbye summer, hello fall.


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  1. Maybe I just got accustomed to warm temps. in the beginning of fall, but this week has felt downright cold. Twenty degree wind chills and the chance of flurries tonight means it’s definitely time for flannel sheets!

  2. You have had some of the loveliest produce. I’d envy you, but I know how ‘daily’ a garden can be. Still, I bet that has helped you ignore the impending weather changes just a bit longer. Just not forever.

  3. We finally had to turn the heat on this week. It really has been a lovely fall — with extended warm-ish days. I’ve loved it. (And I’m still wearing flip-flops, although people on the street are beginning to give me the crazy looks. . . )

  4. Lovely, lovely pictures. A sad realization though! It was c-c-c-old when I headed out to the gym this morning. Are you going to try some green tomato bread?

  5. I came home yesterday to a large basket on the counter filled with green and red tomatoes, and various peppers. Good thing my husband picked it all, because it was frosty this a.m. I’ll be making some fried green tomatoes!! We cover a couple of our raised bed boxes with plastic green-house type structures which allows us to pick greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, etc.) well into the winter. Enjoy the last of your produce!

  6. It’s been a beautiful fall around here. I hated to say good bye to summer though. Beautiful photos!

  7. Yummm…are you going to make some fried green tomatoes? Thanks for yesterday’s book update. I had actually read two of the books–Americanah and the Guernsey Literary Society. It morphed into a name for our book club. This group consists of women who did all the kitchen work fo various chu ch functions. We decided to call ourselves The Kitchen Crew Literary Society!

  8. October is a wonderful month, often an iffy weather month. We’ve had it all this year, including a still producing garden. Broccoli anyone?

  9. Summer is officially over for me when I have to quit wearing sandals and switch back to real shoes with socks. That happened at the beginning of last week here in Iowa—I love these beautiful fall days, but dread the winter that always follows.

  10. Homegrown tomatoes at (almost) Halloween – what crazy weather! I’ve enjoyed seeing all your garden bounty, but I know you’ve enjoyed eating it even more. Now it’s time to cozy up…and hope it won’t be for too many months 🙂

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