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Selfie Sunday

I think, although I may change my mind next week, that Sundays shall be for selfies. We all take ’em, right? And sometimes they are good and sometimes they are goofy and sometimes they are just horrible and are immediately deleted.

This one, well, this one is okay. It’s grainy, as most of my selfies seem to be, and it’s backlit, but I like the smirk. And that blouse is new and has quickly become one of my favorites.


Sunday Selfies. I’m sure it’s a trend that will be sweeping the nation in no time.

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  1. Love this Sunday’s (Smirking) Selfie! I’m not sure I’ll be joining the trend since I’ve only ever taken two selfies and they were the fairly horrible type, but yours is great!

  2. well hey there, Carole – it’s always a treat to see your face in my feed reader (or on Instagram)! Your smirky smile made me smile, too. Happy Sunday! (gonna say it again – I LOVE NaBloPoMo Sundays!!)

  3. A trend indeed and we can say we knew you from the beginning! I kinda like how the sun comes in from behind-gives you a halo.

  4. LOVE the blouse! I am a rotten selfie-taker. So I’ll just enjoy YOUR selfies on Sundays. (Or Mondays when I get backed up with . . . life!)

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