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Presenting . . . the weekend . . . in pictures . . .


Friday night snacks.


Thanksmas appetizers.


Thanksmas Dinner with the kids.


The Thanksmas Dinner table.


Sunday morning breakfast.


Sunday evening snacks.

In between the food and drink there was binge watching of Gilmore Girls, lots of knitting, some reading, some Christmas decorating and some football.

And here we are and it’s Monday. Yay?

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  1. After basically eating my way through this weekend, I’ve said several times that I was so full that I couldn’t imagine wanting to eat again. But here I am wishing I had biscuits for an egg and bacon sandwich this morning. Delicious!

  2. Yay, but on vacation. Your mileage may vary. That Thanxmas appy is one of my faves. Trying it with cranberry chutney soon. Now to see if I can find a breakfast that looks as good as your Biscuit Bonanza!

  3. That biscuit looks delicious. It was a great weekend for football for us – GT, Falcons and Clemson. I am kinda looking forward to football being over though.

  4. ha! Monday not so much Yay! but your weekend definitely looked like that 🙂 (at what point can we start talking about Gilmore Girls? Sara and I watched it all on Friday…and then spent Saturday and some of Sunday talking about it)

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