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Pie Day Is Here


The crusts are made, as you know. And today after work the pie baking will begin. There will be apple, pumpkin, cranberry pecan, mincemeat, and chocolate cream. An abundance, yes. But it’s Thanksgiving and everyone needs to have their favorite pie represented.

If you need me I’ll be in the kitchen.

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  1. Ah yes. I’ll be thinking of you as I make pies later today. I only have to make a couple so it’s not nearly as much work. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I’m (gasp!) changing it up with a slab cherry pie. We are a renegade bunch. But not so crazy there won’t be a chocolate dessert too. May all your pie adventures be successful and your holiday happy.

  3. Your house is going to smell wonderful and I’m sure the people eating those pies will be savoring every delicious bite. Happy Pie day!

  4. Since pies seem to have been purchased for Thanksgiving, I’m saving my wonderful gifted pie crust for the weekend, when I’ll make an apple pie just for us!

  5. I’m down to 3 pies this year (I think)…your cranberry pecan is mighty tempting as a fourth. I always bake them the morning of Thanksgiving, I don’t think I could change that ! Thanksgiving is ALL about the traditions.

  6. I’m down to just two pies this year-apple & pumpkin. That cranberry-pecan sounds wonderful!

  7. Carole, I am making pies today, too, but my apple pie was made a couple of weeks ago and frozen, so I will be baking that tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely evening making pies! Your pies always look so beautiful. Mine, maybe not so much! I wanted to tell you that I made the make ahead gravy this morning from the link you shared, and it is by far the best turkey gravy I have ever made. THANK YOU. I had given up on make ahead gravy in the past, but since you are such a good cook, I thought I would trust you, and I was rewarded for that trust with a lovely, very tasty, lump free gravy. The rush to get everything on the table tomorrow will be much easier because of you. When we pass the gravy boat tomorrow, I will be thinking of you.

  8. Ya had to list those pies again…drool! I missed the make ahead gravy link–it sounds like a great idea. Happy baking!

  9. T-day is pie day! You make the most beautiful pies! I feel very fortunate to have a friend who is willing making me a GF pie (I have no idea what kind). Can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend! Love you!

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