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Hello, hello and Happy Monday! I must admit it felt strange not to post over the weekend after posting every day in November but I managed to get over it, mostly because I was very busy with all kinds of Christmas things.


On Friday I finished the decorations and, for the first time in ages, I’ve pared way down with what I’ve done. No snowmen, for one thing. And I didn’t put out many of the other things I’ve had for years. Instead, I’ve decorated with lots of greens and twinkle lights and not a whole lot else. Well, except for the Swedish stuff. I have to have my Swedish stuff. I’m happy with how it looks – festive and pretty and classic.


Friday evening was our first night home all week after selling Christmas trees on Monday and Wednesday night, having a library program on Tuesday night, and our town Christmas tree lighting on Thursday night. It was so very good to be home. We listened to some Christmas music and watched Christmas with the Kranks (one of my silly seasonal indulgences) and went to bed early.


Saturday was Christmas on the Common, our annual big Kiwanis event. I didn’t have a huge role in this year’s production so I was actually able to sneak off in the afternoon and do a fun family photo shoot with one of my awesome clients and then I came home and prepped for company.


Dinner for 10 can be intimidating but I delegated and made it very simple and we had an awesome time with Kim & Ken, who were visiting from out of town, along with Tom & Anne, Jo-Ann and Shawn, and Viv & Bruce. Everyone helped out and we ate and drank and laughed a lot.


On Sunday we had a great time watching the Patriots game and celebrating Tom Brady’s 201st win with Kim & Ken and Doreen & Mark. There was more eating and drinking, of course, and lots of fun being together which is something that happens very rarely. I also worked on my Project Peace cowl and I’m really enjoying this pattern – simple and soothing and just right for this time of year.

We finished up the day with Christmas specials in our jammies. It was the perfect way to end the first weekend of December.

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  1. What a lovely weekend, Carole! Just a perfect mix of kicking back and getting stuff done! I really cut back on my decorating last year — and it felt great. I’m going to do even more cutting back this year. Once I get started! 😉

  2. Another great weekend at Carole’s! My mother had nine gazillion Dept. 56 houses, and I spent days putting them up one year, but when I realized I was spending more time on little ceramic houses than my own real house, I also became a big fan of pared down decorations. Yours look lovely!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Love your Swedish decorations…so pretty. I have pared down over the years as well and it feels great — gives me more time to enjoy it all and less time working on it.

  4. What a great weekend! We’re all about the lights and greens and a lot less stuff. Glad you had a visit with your friend Kim!

  5. Waves from behind not quite 9 gazillion Dept. 56 houses…. I thought 1 tree was paring down! And, I LOVED not having to post over the weekend, as did Sherman – who celebrated the occasion with a day long nap on Sunday!!

  6. Your Friday night snacks look good enough to eat lol! Your house looks so festive–greens and twinkle lights are the best.

  7. Every year it seems like we use less decorations. The simplicity is nice. Yay for Brady’s 201st win! That was exciting 🙂

  8. What a fantastic weekend! For some reason, our kids had tons of activities this weekend, so we spent most of it rushing from here to there (and my husband also had to fit in work). We finally regrouped for the Patriots game, and my poor husband fell asleep during the first half.

    I love, love, love your Swedish stuff! Did you make the God Jul sign yourself?

  9. Love your Swedish decorations-I’m 1/2 Swedish & really appreciate seeing the festive straw goat again. Doesn’t paring down a bit feel so good? Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  10. It was so nice to spend this weekend with all of you, such a rare treat for me….and what about that Tom Brady? GOAT! 😉

  11. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the Dala horses. I have a tiny one, but you’ve inspired me to expand my collection. My mother-in-law’s father came to the states in the early 1920s from Sweden. I’ve always wanted to include some Swedish traditions in our Christmas celebrations-maybe next year if I get an early enough start?!

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