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I had a perfectly wonderful weekend full of Christmas preparations and fun. I took photos to share with you, too. Let’s recap, shall we?


On Friday I did some Christmas shopping and – get this – I actually enjoyed it. I’m mostly an online shopper but I hit up a local Marshall’s and had fun poking around. I got a few gifts and a few new decorations and serving pieces for us. I also found this potted amaryllis at my grocery store and, inspired by Bonny and Kym, it came home with me.

We went to a work Christmas party for me on Friday night so there were no Friday Night Snacks at home but we had a great time with my coworkers from the COA. We had fabulous pizza and great appetizers and desserts and lots of laughs. It was wonderful to see everyone outside of the workplace and relax and enjoy being together.


Saturday was very cold around here and Mason and I spent the better part of the day hanging by the woodstove. I knit and watched Love Actually (again) and puttered around a bit, altering a decoration here, adding some more lights there. It was the perfect kind of Saturday for me.


I mixed up some gingerbread cookies and spent some time painting while I waited for the dough to chill. I haven’t sat down to do this in a while as I’ve been mostly writing in my journal lately so it was really fun to play with watercolors again.

We spent the evening catching up, eating a delicious dinner of steak and baked potatoes, and watching The Santa Clause, 2. We’re both suckers for the romance type Christmas movie, what can I say?


On Sunday I made a list in my journal of things we should do and things we could do. I’m happy to say that we did everything on the should do list, including getting a Christmas tree. We won’t set it up until the end of the week (because woodstove) but it’s good to know we have one ready to go. And it’s a Fraser Fir to boot.


We also decorated the gingerbread cookies I had baked on Saturday. As Dale said this morning, they look pretty good until you get too close. It was fun, though, and that’s what counts.


We ran some errands, took a selfie, and had a really good time together for the whole day.


As night fell we talked about going for a drive to look at Christmas lights and get something to eat. But I looked around at our twinkle lights and felt the warmth of the woodstove and said, let’s stay in.

It was the perfect way to end a pretty perfect weekend.

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  1. A weekend well spent. Your painting is charming. Tell Dale gingerbread men shouldn’t be too perfect or they don’t get eaten.

  2. So nice. Sounds like a perfect weekend (and I would’ve stayed in as well — too cold to go out!!). Love your watercolor.

  3. That is a delightful combination of fun and productive! Creative, delicious, getting ready to bloom, and full of warmth – all my favorite things!

  4. What a great weekend. The selfie is a wonderful picture of you and Dale. The gingerbread men look terrific to me!

  5. I am envious of your weekend, but we actually did one thing the same. LOVE ACTUALLY! Best holiday movie ever made, IMHO. I cry every time I watch it when Hugh Grant is narrating all that love at Heathrow. If that doesn’t put love and holiday spirit in your heart, nothing will. I will probably watch it again before the holidays are over. I told my husband we should have watched it after the election. It would have cured us of all our anger. I think your cookies look as perfect as cookies that are going to be eaten should look, and I love your watercolor.

  6. ah, that all looks so festive (and surprisingly warm)! curious about your watercolors; I’m wanting to add a little art to my journaling this next year – what do you have? and do you like it?

  7. Sounds like it really was perfect-just the right balance of “to do” and things that are fun.

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