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Knit-In for Peace Day


Today is the last day of the Peace Project Cowl. It’s not the last day for me since I still have (cough cough) several repeats to go but it is the last day The Healthy Knitter will be blogging tips and prompts about practicing peace. It’s also the day that we are all knitting in the name of peace from our own little corners of the world.

To say that thinking about peace has been inspirational for me would be an understatement. It’s something that has inspired me so much that, as I told you before, I have chosen peace as my One Little Word for 2017. I’m very excited about the ideas I have for keeping peace in my world and I’m looking forward to exploring lots of ways to expand and expound on peace.

Tonight will be the unofficial start of that for me because, while I’m knitting and thinking about peace, I will also be celebrating the solstice. As we have for the last several years, Dale and I will write down our regrets for the year 2016 and then burn those slips of paper in the wood stove. We will listen to a playlist that includes not only seasonal music but also Here Comes the Sun. We will state our intentions for 2017 and we will toast each other with glögg and say God Jul.

And we will wish for peace.

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  1. Peace be with you. (And because writing on the web can be ambiguous, I mean that in a heartfelt way.)

    I shall also be celebrating the solstice with you as I do my annual Snoopy happy dance today. Here comes the sun, indeed!

  2. God Yul to you and Dale! Happy Solstice! I welcome the return of the light — and bringing peace into the world. XO

  3. I have enjoyed knitting the peace cowl (I’m not done yet either). The daily tips from the Healthy Knitter have been helpful and inspiring. Thank you for blogging about this project. I’m wishing you a peaceful winter solstice.

  4. I have also always celebrated the Solstice by making this a special day. The earth came before us, we are one species among many in a wide diverse universe of many worlds.

  5. God Jul to you and Dale! Here is to the gentle return of the light – may it bring peace and may it shine brightly on the peace we create. XOXO

  6. I am far behind on the Peace Cowl, but that’s okay as I’m going to knit for Peace today and continue on. I’ll be raising my mug of glögg to you, Dale, and all of us, for a 2017 filled with Peace and Light.

  7. I also love your Solstice tradition and wish you all the best in the new year. Personally, I think 2016 blew chunks and I hope it doesn’t let the door hit it on the butt on it’s way out—this year has just been one weird health problem after another for me and allot of other people I know.

  8. I love the tradition that you and Dale have created for the Solstice. I may steal this for our New Year’s eve now that we share it without the kids.

    Knit on in Peace….love you!

  9. What a super way to let go of any negativity in the past year. You will be a wonderful ambassador for peace.

  10. What a lovely post. You and Dale have an inspiring tradition. I was touched by your description. Rituals like these do make a difference in our lives. Thanks for sharing, Carole!

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