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My weekend, as I predicted on Friday, was a snowy one. And you know what? It was just about perfect.


There was snow Friday morning but it didn’t amount to much – just enough to make it a little messy when I headed out to get a haircut. It made for a good excuse to get the grocery shopping done quickly, though, and then I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon at home.


I put away Christmas and puttered around for a bit. I finished The Year of Living Danishly and was truly inspired to bring some hygge into our life in a very tangible way. It’s something we’ve always embraced, frankly, we just didn’t know it had a real name.


I mean, Friday Night Snacks. Could it be anymore hygge than that?

Saturday was the day they predicted we would get walloped with snow and they got it right this time. It started snowing in earnest right around lunch time and it never let up. On a Saturday, though, it was actually pretty sweet. Neither of us had anywhere to go and we were able to hunker down inside where it was warm.

We watched TV and read. Lit candles and gazed at the twinkle lights. Ate homemade soup and generally made the most of this excuse to be home.


It was still snowing at bedtime when I snapped this photo looking out my back door. Yes, the Christmas lights are still on. We normally would have turned them off by now but they looked so pretty in the snow that we decided to keep them on for a bit longer.


Sunday we woke up to a winter wonderland. And the news that our little town hit the snowfall jackpot with 19.5″ of the stuff. You can see our picnic table in the background there and the snow is right up to the benches. And our birdbath looks like a big old snow cake.


After breakfast Dale headed out to start cleaning up and eventually I joined him. I learned to use the snowblower and, while I’m sure it was the novelty of the whole thing, it was actually kind of fun. There’s a video over on instagram if you’d like to see me in action.


We spent the rest of the day watching football, playing cards, and hanging out. While we had originally talked about going to the movies, it was just so pleasant and cozy at home that we stayed put.

It was the ultimate winter weekend. Hygge hygge, baby.

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  1. Boy y’all did the get the snow! Right around me not so much, but then again I am a stones throw from our of our busiest interstates for 18 wheelers. I also live right where Georgia’s terrain starts to change so it’s real unpredictable during the winter. I too had no plans outside the house which I was glad to not have to cancel, and I was also glad not to lose power as that would have meant no heat! I’m sure we’ll have some more winter-y icy weather before spring gets here. The snow blower does look like fun I have to admit.

  2. Looks like you got the perfect powdery snow for snowblowing! We got 4 inches on Friday and then again on Saturday so I got to enjoy the camaraderie of shoveling in the neighborhood. I think snacks and indoor coziness are even better after being earned outside in the cold and snow.

  3. What a lovely snow weekend, Carole. Hygge is definitely a good thing to pursue in this season. While we didn’t get nearly as much snow as you, when the forecast kept bumping up on Friday evening & then turned into snow all day on Saturday I was glad to have done the much needed grocery run on Friday afternoon. A hibernating weekend of cooking, reading, knitting, house puttering, DVR-ing, football & just enjoying was just what I needed. Have a great week!

  4. Hygge for sure, and lovely. Pretty snow scenes. I stayed in all Saturday baking bread and some other cooking, reading, knitting and napping. It was perfect!!

  5. Love it, Carole! Marc and I spent a similar weekend – without the snow, just ice – indoors and it was actually pretty fun! p.s. I LOVE the video of you and the snowblower 🙂

  6. I’m impressed! I stay far away from the snowblower! Looks like a pretty sweet weekend all around. Congrats on the snow win! 🙂

  7. I really love hunkering down (in my hygge house with my hygge love and hygge pups with a nice glass of hygge wine) during a good snow-dump! Lovely! XO

  8. Your snow looks much like what we had on Christmas day, but we were spectators to the grounds crew cleaning up our walks and roads. You are a master at hygge and always make staying home fun and cozy!

  9. The only thing that could make a snow day any more wonderful is getting a snow day from work. You nailed the hygge!

  10. What a wonderful weekend, Carole! Beware becoming too proficient in the snow blower process. On instagram, you looked like you were proficient already, and you don’t want Dale to think he doesn’t need to do it anymore. You want to appear that you could do it in a pinch, but that you are the B team. LOL 🙂 Just kidding! I love to learn to do things like that! It does look like fun.

  11. I love birdbath snow cakes and things like that!! Amusements…

    We had a little snow here overnight and now it’s RAINING… all day, and then the temp is going to drop. I honestly think I’d prefer 19.5″ of SNOW over that. Such a mess.

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