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Long Weekending

I feel like I say this every week but my weekend was great. I don’t know if I’m just extra good at enjoying the weekend or if I’m lucky or what but I’m grateful for the downtime and relaxation that rolls around every 5 days. Here’s how we spent our time:


friday night hygge for carole knits

Friday night snacks.

sunday night snacks for carole knits

Sunday night snacks at the home of our good friends Ken and Leslie.

biscuits for breakfast for carole knits

Monday morning biscuits and bacon courtesy of our good friend Sean.

Playing games.

mexican train for carole knits

Mexican Train with Ken and Leslie. It’s always fun to learn to play a new game and this one is great.

Watching the amaryllis bloom.

amaryllis for carole knits

This grocery store beauty gave us 9 gorgeous flowers. On Friday when I was shopping I stopped and told the floral department manager about this plant that I bought from them and how much joy it has given me. She said I made her day and that, in turn, made my day.

Other activitiese, not pictured: football with friends. Yay Pats! Also, plenty of reading (A Gentleman in Moscow on the kindle and We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves on audio), knitting (another Peace Cowl as well as the Islington Shawl), and tv watching (caught up on This Is Us, Homeland and Madam Secretary).

And now we’re on to another work week. A short one, though, and that’s just fine with me.


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  1. The amaryllis is stunning. I’m not so sure I can watch anymore football-can’t we just give everyone a trophy at this point?! Long weekends are always so nice and we’ve had great weather on top of the extra day,

  2. I wish I had a neighbor who brought me bacon and biscuits! To be fair, I’m not delivering breakfast to my neighbors, but maybe one of us should start. What an amaryllis!

  3. I can’t believe we have to wait until Sunday evening to watch the game! Great weekend – you got a lot accomplished!

  4. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I loved having 3 days off and I’m going to work this morning kicking and screaming! Well, not quite, but still.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the knitting. No comment re football–I am in mourning because both college and pro teams let me down. Finally, all the yummy goodies–the needleart tarts met this weekend–good food is always part of the fun!

  6. Nice! We used to play Mexican Train up at the cottage, but haven’t in years. I wonder what happened to it??? Short weeks are the best.

  7. I imagine that your weekends are great most of the time because you value them, spend them with friends, and love your life! It’s a great way to live, Carole, and I hope you never abandon it. One of the ladies I exercise with is addicted to Mexican train. She is often late for Pilates because she is enthralled with her Mexican train group.

  8. I’m finally excited about watching football! At this point I like all the teams, and have friends who are diehard fans of each, so it’s enough to keep my interest. (well, along with a knitting project and a beverage!) … and I love and agree with what Becky wrote – your weekending posts are always wonderful to read, too!

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