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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for this week is to talk about what my mirror would say if it could talk.

Okay, here’s a stream of consciousness from my bathroom mirror.

purple reign selfie for carole knits

Heyyyy girrrl. Lookin’ good. Sure, you aren’t as young as you used to be – and I know better than anyone where your wrinkles are – but you sure have come into your own in the last few years, haven’t you?

I love those grey hairs that are coming through in the front now. You’ve still got blonde highlights from several months back but your decision to let the grey be is a smart one, I think. I still remember when your mom was here and how she’d complain about her grey roots. That’s a problem you won’t have and you’ll save money, too. I’ve also noticed you’re not washing it every day and I have to say it’s looking fuller and prettier because of it. Good on you for that dry shampoo and curling iron routine. We still get to spend as much time together since it takes just as long as a good blow dry and that makes me glad because it’s lonely in here when you aren’t around.

And, you know, not to sound like a commercial but your skin looks better than ever. That Rodan & Fields regimen you are using is doing wonders. And you must like it because I see you using it every night and every morning. Your eyelashes are longer and fuller than ever, too, thanks to Lash Boost. Just one coat of mascara every morning on them and you are ready to go.

Since we’re talking about make up I have to mention this new lipstick thing you’ve got going on. You know I’ve been telling you for years to add some color to that smile but you complained about reapplying and ignored me. Now that you’ve discovered LipSense it’s a whole new ball game, isn’t it? A few swipes in the morning and it lasts and looks awesome all day long. And all those colors! I’m glad you decided to sell this so we can play with all the colors together.

Oh, and one last thing – I love that you listen to audio books while you’re doing the hair and make up thing in the morning. But it kills me that you don’t listen to the entire book while you’re in here. I never know how the stories turn out. Girl, you need to keep me in the loop with that stuff. Mmmmkay?

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  1. Looking good for sure! and aren’t you fortunate to have such a good friend looking back at you – I do hope you catch her up on the all the books. It’s not fair if she doesn’t get to find out how they end!

  2. Fun post! Your mirror is a good friend; mine doesn’t say such nice things at all.

  3. If you & your mirror had a self-help seminar for how to start the day you two would be crazy rich. Sort of a Miss Manners class for mirrors. Mine tends to remind me of the 5 things not yet on the ToDo list while I’m brushing my teeth & can’t write them down. Great post!

  4. Really, this is a beautiful post Carole! The self-love you share here brings tears to my eyes – brava!! Now, on the hair front – please share what dry shampoo you are using. Really… please share.

    Also, on the lash scene – I have discovered 3d fiber mascara (brand Mia Adora found on Amazon) and it ROCKS! Longer, fuller lashes – and it comes off in warm water.

    This topic was hard for me, but I am glad you selected it! XO

  5. How wonderful your mirror is! Thank you for sharing your morning routine and your sense of self-love. This is as it should be, always. Even so, your mirror is nicer than mine! I have some old hag, staring back at me, and while she can be full of compliments (she says “You are so pretty.” all the time), she is still “old”!

  6. I love your mirror; can I borrow it? 😉

    I too have been thinking of letting the gray grow in and giving up on the highlighting thing. I’m only nervous that I’ll have an ugly gray instead of the beautiful shade some women are lucky to have!

    I gave my son dry shampoo for Christmas. I’m not sure he’s used it more than once. Think he held the spray too close to his head and didn’t apply strictly to the roots. Talk about going gray! LOL

  7. Love that you were so real, and affirming all the good things you saw. Also, you have given me some great ideas of products to try!

  8. Looking good. My upper lip is so small that any lip color doesn’t look good to me. I do keep trying though and buy new ones occasionally. I have to try dry shampoo. Will have to look for it next time i’m shopping.

  9. Mirror mirror on the wall says you’re lookin’ good. LOVE the lip color too! This morning my routine got switched up and it wasn’t until I was about 30 minutes down the road that I realized I forgot to finish getting dressed. What’s a woman to do?!

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