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Amaryllis Love

My beautiful red Christmas amaryllis has gone by. But! Almost as soon as the last blossom on that one died this gorgeous one bloomed. I was lamenting to Bonny yesterday how hard it is to truly capture an amaryllis in scope and beauty in a photograph. She challenged me to try so I am sharing the photos I took yesterday.

pink amaryllis 1 for carole knits

This was given to me by someone at work and it was in a plain box so I truly had no idea what color it would be. I love that it is so completely different than the red one – less Christmas-y and more Valentine’s-y, if you will.

pink amaryllis 2 for carole knits

It’s a fabulous shade of pale pink, almost peach, and the center of each flower is soft yellowish green.

pink amaryllis 3 for carole knits

All four buds are open right now, on a very long stem. I had to actually put it on the floor in my dining room in order to capture it best.

pink amaryllis 4 for carole knits

Like any amaryllis, it will be gone too soon so I’m very glad I was able to get these photos and share them with you all.

pink amaryllis 5 for carole knits

It’s definitely brightening my days right now.

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  1. I’m so enjoying all the amarylllis love on blogs this year. This one is gotgeous and so unique!

  2. I like the last one best, the way the stamens or the pistils, or whatever they are, are outlined!

  3. That’s a beauty! I kind of like the variegated blooms the best. They’re so unusual and unexpected; so much more complex. I think it’s really challenging to take photos that really capture the beauty of amaryllis blooms — but you’ve done a great job. Lovely.

  4. That is such a lovely and unusual color! I think I would have liked the “surprise” element of finding out what would bloom.

  5. Amaryllis are a gift that keeps on giving. From the moment you get one you are in anticipation mode, and the watching as the buds appear, watching even more carefully as they begin to open, and then, there is the few days of full glory as delight takes over. They are the flowers of delight and awe.

  6. This is different from any Amaryllis I’ve ever seen–very beautiful!

    P.S. That sounded like the bloviator in chief–bleach!

  7. I think you did a lovely job with the photographs – what beautiful colors! I’m so inspired to up my amaryllis game for next year… mail order perhaps?!

  8. Stunning, I’ve never seen one like that before. I need to surround myself with more flowers!

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