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I have to tell you, I didn’t take many photos this weekend. It was still a great time but, for whatever reason, I was not as inspired to document it in photographs as I typically do. I do have enough to share with you and I think they will give you a pretty good idea of what we did.

Thursday we had a snow day. Dale was home and I was home and it was nice to relax and spend the day together, reading, catching up on some tv and just hanging out. By the time the evening rolled around we settled in with cocktails and snacks and games. There was clearing of snow to be done but we did it together and that made it fun – even when I lost my balance and landed in a snow bank!

Friday was my usual errand day but Friday night, in a break from our usual routine, we had Shawn and Jo-Ann over to play Mexican Train. Usually we guard our Friday nights but since we had basically had Friday night on Thursday, well, we figured we could have Saturday night on Friday. I’m sure that makes no sense but just trust me – it all worked out. And see what we did there? We built a wall around the Mexican Train. Heh.

Saturday night Dale’s band was playing and we headed to that together. I made deviled eggs and heart shaped hand pies and we enjoyed a good ole small town Saturday night. There was plenty of dancing and great music and good company.

It was Sean’s first time seeing the band and it was fun to share the experience with him.

On Sunday we slept late and made plans to go out for Valentine’s Day in the mid afternoon. We figured drinks and apps at one of our special places but the snow started in earnest before we went out – so we stayed in. It wasn’t what we planned and I didn’t have anything special for us to snack on, but I managed to pull together some treats from things I had in the freezer. And you know what? It wound up being pretty sweet.

It’s awfully nice when you get snowed in with your favorite person, you know?

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  1. Here in NJ , I believe we’re legally obligated to run out and buy bread, milk, and eggs at the first mention of a snowflake, but it looks like the citizens of Massachusetts have much better ingredients in their freezers!

  2. OK?..this probably sounds weird, but a snow weekend sounds wonderful. The temps here in the west are suited for spring, not mid-winter! BTW! The Friday on Thursday and Saturday on Friday makes perfect sense!

  3. We’re having a bit of a warm-up this week, and even had rain on Saturday night! Temps will be mostly in the 40s this week, climbing to 50 by the weekend, so our snow is beginning to disappear. It’s only mid-February, though, so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of it!

  4. I love to be snowed in for a couple of days. We haven’t had any real snow this winter, just a couple of icy mornings that turned into go into the office late days. Not quite the same thing!

  5. A snowed in weekend is one of my favorite things. Seems easier to just let everything; I think it must be about removing choice. Anyway, your weekend sounds pretty darn good! Did you run the snow blower? Every time it snows, I am going to picture you going up and down that driveway!

  6. Looks great! and your freezer looks like a lot more fun than mine does. Snow day prep around here would definitely require a trip to the store!

  7. Totally get the Thursday being the Friday-great that you take advantage of those moments. The hand pies look soo good. Spontaneity worked in your favor in many ways. Spring really is around the corner-hang in there.

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