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Soooooo. The weekend. Seems like a long time ago, already. Am I right? Nevertheless, I need something to blog about today and I’m sure you’re all just jonesing to know what we did.

valentine nails for carole knits

On Friday I got my nails done. Pretty pink with a extra design detail for Valentine’s Day. I don’t usually go in for this sort of thing but it’s cute and my nail tech does a great job with designs so, yeah. Why not. I also did the usual errands and grocery shopping. My life is a thrill a minute.

roasted tomatoes and goat cheese for carole knits

Friday night we did our stay at home thing. I livened things up with roasted grape tomatoes and goat cheese instead of our typical cheese and crackers and olives.

On Saturday Jessica and I spent some time together. We hit Home Goods and puttered around and then went out to lunch. I don’t spend nearly enough time with Jess and we hardly ever hang out just the two of us so this was definitely fun and we need to do it more often.

love napkins for carole knits

Saturday afternoon may have included a nap and then in the evening Dale and I found ourselves hanging out again with cocktails and cheese and crackers. These adorable napkins I picked up while shopping that day made things Valentine-y and special. We played Mexican Train and watched some TV and fell asleep on the couch.

football brownies for carole knits

Sunday, of course, was the main event of the weekend: Super Bowl Day! I spent the morning making football shaped brownies and Buffalo Chicken Dip and other goodies.

mexican train and oysters for carole knits

Doreen and Mark joined us for the game this year, the first time we’ve ever watched together (but hopefully not the last!). They came early in the afternoon and we spent the day playing Mexican Train and eating delicious food (oysters! and calzones! and shrimp!) and drinking fabulous beer. Basically killing time until the game, if you will.

And the game. Oh, the game. It was, as you may have heard, stressful. There were some pretty low lows but then some very high highs. I was up on my feet, I was sitting on the couch, I was pacing and yelling and sometimes I had to cover my eyes because I just couldn’t look. In the end the Patriots overcame a 25 point deficit and then went into overtime. And won, 34-28. I’m not gloating but it was pretty sweet to see Roger Goodell have to hand that trophy over to Bob Kraft. 5 times, kids. The Pats have now won the Super Bowl 5 times.

The weekend was very very fine.

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  1. I’m not much of a football person, but I can really support the delicious food and drink that seems to go with the game, especially since the game can even be Mexican train dominoes!

  2. Sunday night is our night out, and we did go out to dinner. We weren’t deeply invested in the game, but it was great fun to watch the staff at the little family run restaurant cheering during the game. At the same time, they never missed a beat in taking care of us and thanking us for coming in on what was a slow night. It was a fun new version of both date night and the Super Bowl.

  3. I’m not into sports at all, but am glad for you that the Patriots won. Your food/snacks/beverages (as always) sound wonderful and I love the shade of your nails (cute heart too).

  4. I have a metal GOAT that I got for Christmas. He’s a real goat size and will live on the deck in the summer. His name was Joe. Now his name is Tom. Great weekend Carole!

  5. Not so much into the football – and sorry . . . but not really caring about the outcome – but thought of you often during the game! Sounds like another great weekend. (Love the nails!) XO

  6. Your nails look so pretty–the heart is uber sweet. The crazy game turnaround seemed totally unique to me–what a comeback. Tom Brady seemed like a different player during that final quarter.

  7. Love the nails! The game, well the game. I expect biased commentating in the political world, but not in my leisure activities. Losing is one thing, being disrespected is another. The only way I’ll be able to watch football next year is without the sound and no pre-game analysis. On the upside I’ll be getting a lot more knitting done on Sundays!

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